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MJK/kc 4-20-77 <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. NS-1357 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA ADDING <br />SECTION 1-17 TO THE SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE, <br />PERTAINING TO THE USE OF STATE SUMMARY CRIMINAL <br />HISTORY INFORMATION BY SPECIFIED OFFICIALS WHEN <br />INVESTIGATING APPLICATIONS OF LICENSES AND <br />PERMITS. <br /> <br /> THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />amended <br />section <br /> <br />Section 1. That the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby <br />by adding a section, to be numbered 1-17, which said <br />reads as follows: <br /> <br /> Sec. 1-17. Criminal Conduct; Issuance of licenses and <br /> permits. <br /> <br /> (a) Except as otherwise provided herein, conviction ~n- <br />cluding pleas of guilty and nole contendere) of a felony or of a <br />misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or an activity related to <br />the business or occupation for which the license or permit is <br />sought, shall be prima facie disqualification of an application <br />for the following city licenses or permits: <br /> <br />(1) Bingo; <br />(2) Public dancing; <br />(3) Peep show; <br />(4) Massage establishment; massage technician; <br />(5) Pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers; <br />(6) Charitable solicitation; <br />(7) Pool and billiard games; <br />(8) Companies and individuals engaged in <br /> operating vehicles for hire, including, <br /> but not limited to taxicabs and <br /> ambulances; <br />(9) Figure model, figure model studio. <br /> <br /> (b) The city licensing authority, however, may disregard <br />such conviction if it is found and determined by such licensing <br />authority that mitigating circumstances exist. In making such <br />determination, the city licensing authority shall consider the <br />following factors: <br /> <br />(1) The type of license or permit for which the <br /> person is applying; <br />(2) The nature and seriousness of the offense; <br />(3) The circumstances surrounding the <br /> conviction; <br />(4) The length of time elapsed since the <br /> conviction; <br />(5) The age of the person at the time of the <br /> conviction; ~ <br />(6) The presence or absence of rehabilitation <br /> or efforts at rehabilitation; <br />(7) Contributing social or environmental <br /> conditions. <br /> <br /> (c) The city licensing authority shall give notice of <br />disqualification to an applicant disqualified under this provi- <br />sion. Such notice shall be in writing and delivered personally <br />or mailed to the applicant at the address shown on the application <br />and shall specify the reason or reasons for disqualification, <br />including, but not by way of limitation, the conviction or convic- <br />tions deemed disqualifying by the licensing authority. An <br />applicant who is disqualified for a city license or permit may <br />appeal such determination of disqualification pursuant to the <br />uniform hearing and appeal procedure set forth in Chapter 3 of <br />this Code. <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />