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ROH 09/03/13 <br />ORDINANCE NO. NS-2848 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF SANTA ANA AMENDING CHAPTER 41 OF THE <br />SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE TO ADOPT THE CITY'S <br />REGULATION OF EMERGENCY SHELTER AND <br />TRANSITIONAL AND SUPPORTIVE HOUSING <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1. The City Council of the City of Santa Ana hereby finds, determines <br />and declares as follows: <br />A. That the City of Santa Ana seeks to be in compliance with the State of <br />California's regulations for the allowance of emergency homeless shelters <br />as required by State Senate Bill 2 (SB2). <br />B. That the State of California Legislature passed SB2 (effective January 1, <br />2008) modifying State Housing Element law to require local planning and <br />zoning regulations to facilitate homeless shelters. Specifically, SB2 <br />requires all cities and counties to provide at least one zoning category in <br />which emergency shelters can be located without discretionary approval <br />from the local government. The zoning category must be identified in the <br />locality's housing element, and include sites with sufficient capacity to <br />meet the local need for emergency shelter. <br />C. That after a thorough period of research and public involvement the <br />following standards have been developed in order to allow emergency <br />homeless shelters as required, while maintaining those regulations <br />necessary to provide for public health, safety and welfare. <br />D. The Request for Council Action for this ordinance dated August 5, 2013 <br />shall by this reference be incorporated herein, and together with this <br />ordinance, any amendments or supplements and the oral testimony before <br />the City Council at this meeting, shall additionally constitute the necessary <br />findings for this ordinance. <br />E. All provisions of the Santa Ana Municipal Code which are repeated herein <br />are repeated solely in order to comply with the provisions of Section 418 <br />of the City Charter. Any such restatement of existing provisions of the <br />Code is not intended, nor shall it be interpreted, as constituting a new <br />action or decision of the City Council, but rather such provisions are <br />repeated for tracking purposes only in conformance with the Charter. <br />Ordinance No. NS-2848 <br />Page 1 of 7