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Flores, Dora <br />From: on behalf of The City of Santa Ana <br /><noreply@> <br />Sent: Friday, September 24, 2021 9:25 AM <br />To: !City Clerk <br />Subject: Webform submission from: Public Comment Form on Communities of Interest for <br />Redistricting <br />Submitted on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 09:25 <br />Submitted by: Anonymous <br />Submitted values are: <br />Please Choose Your Language Preference: <br />English <br />Name <br />Mary <br />Date <br />2021-09-25 <br />Email or phone number: <br /> <br />What is the name of the neighborhood where you reside? <br />Park Santiago <br />How do you describe your community to someone who hasn't visited? What streets/boundaries define <br />your community? <br />This neighborhood is a collection of unique architectural homes. Most homes are custom built and neighbors <br />are dedicated in preserving this historical neighborhood of Santa Ana <br />What are the major culturaUrecreationaUeducationaUreligious institutions in your community? <br />The biggest bonus of this neighborhood is Santiago Park, which has access to The Cube Children's Museum <br />and a nature preserve. <br />Does your community have major geographical boundaries/features (freeways, parks, lakes, mountains)? <br />Park Santiago, 5 North and South freeway and 22 west freeway <br />Do you have concerns about the current boundaries of your Ward? <br />Not clear on the boundaries of Ward 3 and what it encompasses <br />Other Comments: <br />The huge issues with the homeless encampments criminal activities and tagging <br />