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ORDINANCE NO. NS-8h AMENDING SECTIONS 2106~ 2106.1, 2106.2, <br /> ?.106.3, 2106.4 ~--~06.5 OF CHAracTER 1 OF ARTICLE II OF T~E <br />'SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF TNE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES 0BDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That Section~2106, 2106.1, 2106.2, 2106.3, 2106.4 and <br />2106.5 of Chapter 1 of Article II of the Santa Aha Municipal Code be and the <br />same are hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> <br /> "SECTION 2106. Establishment of Wards. <br /> <br /> The City is hereby divided into five wards and Councilmen shall be <br /> nomlD~ted and elected as provided for in the Charter of the City of Santa <br /> Aha. The wards shall consist of the territory bounded by the exterior <br /> boundary lines set out in Sections 2106.1 through 2106.5 both inclusive <br /> and said boundary lines are hereby declared to be the center lines of <br /> the streets along which they run in all cases except where said boundary <br /> lines run along the exterior boundary line of the City of Santa Ana. <br /> <br /> 'SECTION 2106.1. Ward No. 1. <br /> <br /> The boundary of Ward No. i begins at the intersection of the center <br /> line of North Main Street with the Northerly City Boundary line on the <br /> East side of North Main Street and runs thence Southerly along North Main <br /> Street to Seventeenth Street; thence Easterly along Seventeenth Street to <br /> Bush Street; thence Southerly along Bush Street to Washington Avenue; thence <br /> Westerly along Washington Avenue to Broadway; thence Southerly along <br /> Broadway to Pine Street; thence Easterly along Pine Street to Maple Avenue; <br /> thence Southerly along Maple Avenue to Myrtle Street; thence Westerly along <br /> Myrtle Street to Orange Avenue; thence Southerly along Orange Avenue to <br /> Bishop Street~ thence Easterly along Bishop Street to Halladay Street; <br /> thence Southerly along Halladay Street to McFadden Street; thence Easterly <br /> along McFadden Street to the Easterly City Boundary line; thence Northerly <br /> and following the City Boundary line around the Northeasterly part of <br /> <br /> Santa Aha to the point of beginning. <br /> "SECTION 2106.2. Ward No. 2. <br /> <br /> The boundary of Ward No. 2 begins at the intersection of the center <br /> line of McFadden Street with the Easterly City Boundary line and runs <br /> thence Westerly along McFadden Street to Nal laday Street; thence Northerly <br /> <br /> <br />