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ORDINANCE NO. NS-97 GRANTING VACATION PRIVILEGE TO <br />E~PL0~-q OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, heretofore, there has been uncertainty about and inequality of <br /> the vacation privilege of employees of the various depaz-hments and no recognition <br /> has been given to long continuous service with the City; <br /> <br /> NOW, 'J'HI':I~I T~E CITY ~O~CIL OF THE CITY OF SAiITA ANA DOES ORDAIN <br /> <br /> AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1: Regular Vacation. Regular vacation leave with pay is <br />hereby granted to each permanent -mployee at the rate of one week for each <br />six months of service. No ~mployee sba1 l have any vacation during the original <br />entrance probationary period, but if permanent status is attained vacation leave <br />with pay shall be allowed for the time served in probationa~y status. To be <br />eligible for any paid vacation the employee must have attained permanent status. <br /> <br /> Each m-tuber of the police force and fire department is hereby granted <br /> fifteen consecutive days of regular vacation with pay for each full year of <br /> service with the City, as provided for in Government Code Sections 38634 and <br /> <br /> 53250. Said vacation sb, 11 be subject to all of terms of this ordinance. <br /> SECTION ~: Computing Regular Vacation. In computing regular vacations <br /> <br />each munhipal holiday occurring during the vacation, and that fa11 s on a day <br />which the employee would have worked had he not been on vacation, shat1 be de- <br />ducted from the computation and one addition-1 day of regular vacation sb-11 <br />be allowed to the ~mployee unless departmental practice provides some other <br />menner of compensating for municipal holidays. <br /> <br /> Earned vacation may be accumulated to the extent of four weeks. <br />Vacation not taken beyond that amount is forfeited. No employee shall have <br />a right te accumulate or split his vacation leave, but the same may be allowed <br />or required by the department head. The time at which an -mployee sb-11 take <br />his vacation sba] 1 be determined by his depa~-~...~ut head with due regard for the <br />wishes of the ~loyee and particular regard for the needs of the serv~e . <br /> <br /> <br />