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AD. iILISTiW~TiVE ELECT?,iCAL CODE i~[OW~ AS "O/tA~TGE <br />COUi.~TY AD~4Ii[ISf?J~TiVE ELECi%~ICAL CODE - 1959"; <br />>iEQUIRIi[G PEi~4I~i'S FOR AiQ~D i~SCRiBIi~G kULES AilD <br />REGU~%~IOiJS GOVER~;~II[G ELECTRICAL Ii[Si'ALI~TiOiTS <br />Ai:~D WI~i;iG; ADOP2Ii~G BY <br />~i~G~IOI4'S ENTITLED "ELEC'2RiCAL <br />OF ?HE S'2ATE OF ~%LiEO~i~IA", ~EFECTIVE <br />1955, ISSUED BY ~2HE S~ATE <br />OF il[DUSTkIAL i~E~TIO[~'S, DiVISIOiq OF <br />SAb~E'ZT; P~qOVIDI~CG PEi[ALTIES FOR THE VIO~TiO~7 <br />AND ~AEL.~Di[TG SECTIO~ S300; E~TAC?i[~;G SECTIO~[S ~301, <br />3302, 0303; A[[D REP~LiEG SECTIONS S305, S30~, ~309, <br />0310 A~iD S311 OF C~P~EK 3, A~TICLE VIII OF THE <br />SAz~A AiL% ~i~Oi[ICIPAL CODE <br /> <br />THE CiTY COUlirCIL OF THE CITY OF SAXITA <br /> <br />AS ~OLLOWS: <br /> <br />SEC'fIO~.i 1. ~l~nat Section 8300 of Chapter 3, <br /> <br />CALI~O~k~iA, DOES <br /> <br />Article VIII of <br /> <br />the Santa Ana l~unicipal Code is hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> <br /> Section ~300. Adoption of the A~ninistrative Electrical <br /> Code. <br /> <br /> ±~ere is hereby adopted by the City of Santa Aha, <br /> California, for the purpose of requiring permits for, <br /> and prescribing rules and regulations governing, <br /> electrical installations and wiring in the City of <br /> Santa Aha, that certain code kno%~ as the "Orange <br /> County Administrative Electrical Code 1959% and the <br /> whole thereof save and except such portions as are <br /> hereinafter amended or deleted, of which Code not <br /> less than 'three (3) copies have been and now are on <br /> file in the office of the Clerk of the Council of the <br /> City of Santa Aha, and 'the s~ne Electrical code is <br /> hereby adopted and incorporated as fully as if set <br /> forth at length herein, as provided for in Section 419 <br /> of the Charter of the City of Santa Aha, and from the <br /> date on which this Ordinance shall take effect, the <br /> provisions thereof, subject to the amen~nents and <br />deletions hereinafter set forth, shall be controlling <br /> within the limits of the City of Santa Ana, and this <br /> Code shall be known as the "A~ainistrative Electrical <br /> code of the City of Santa Aha". <br /> <br />SECTION 2. That Section S301 of Chapter 3, Article VIII of <br /> <br />the Santa Ana ~unicipal Code is hereby enacted to read as follows: <br /> <br />Section ~301. Definitions. <br /> <br />(a) %~enever the term "Bcard of Supervisors" is used <br />in the said "Orange County Administrative Electrical <br />code - 1959", it shall be held to mean the City Council <br />of the City of Santa Ana. <br /> <br />(b) ¥~enever the terms "County of Orange" or "Orange <br />County" are used in said code, they shall be held to <br />mean the City of Santa Aha. <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />