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The Solar America Board for Codes and Standards (Solar ABCS) Expedited permit pro- <br />cess provides a means to differentiate systems that can be permitted quickly and easily <br />due to their similarity with the majoriry of small.scale pV systems. Those systems with <br />unique characteristics may be handled wirh small additions to this Expedited permir <br />Process or may require much more information, depending on the uniqueness of the <br />installation. <br />The following pages contain forms for the Micro{nverter to use with the Expedited per- <br />mit Process. The Sundard String, AC Module, and Supply-Side Connection forms <br />are also available as interactive PDF files at www.solarabcs.orgl/permitting. ln jurisdic- <br />tions that have adopted the Expedited Permir process for pV Systems, these forms can <br />be filled out electronically and submitted in eirher printed form and via email. An elec- <br />tronic formar is used so that rhe supplied informarion is standardized and legible for the <br />local jurisdiction. <br />RE <br />C E trrI l^\t <br />|,PR?071 <br />Crtl, e <br />lo/727?3 22rc V7 <br />EXPEDITED PERMIT PROCESS FOR PV SYSTEMS, MICRO-INVERTERI <br />EXPEDITED PERMIT PRoCESS FoR PV SYSTEMS <br />MICRO-INVERTER