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EXPEDITED PERMIT PROCESS FOR SMALL-SCALE PV SYSTEMS <br />MICRo-INVERTER <br />The informalion in this guideline is intended to help localjurisdic ons and conrracbrs identify when pv sysrem insallarions <br />are simPle, needing only a basic re1,iew, and when an installadon is more complex. tt is likely rhar 50 % -75 % of all residenrial <br />systems will comply wirh lhese simple criteria. For projecrs rhat fail o meer rhe simple criteria, resolution sreps have been <br />suggested ro provide as a parh ro permir approval. <br />Required Infonnation for Permit: <br />l. Site plan showing location of major components on the properry. This drawing need not be exacrly ro scale, bur ir <br />should represent rclative location of components ar site (see supplied example si!e plan). Pv arrays on dwellings <br />with a 3' perimeter space ar ridge and sides may nor need separate hre service review. <br />2. Electrical diagram showing PV array conhguration, wiring system. overcurrent protection, inverre( disconnects, <br />required signs, and ac connecrion ro building (see supplied standard elecrrical diagram). <br />3. Specincation sheets and installation manuals (if available) for all manufactured components including, bur nor <br />limited to, PV modules, invener(s), combiner box. disconnec6, and mounting system. <br />Step 1 : Structural Review of PV Array Mounting System <br />Is the aray to be mounted on a defrned, permltted rcof srructurc? Ey.s EIno <br />lf No due to non-compliant roof or a ground mount. submit completed worhsheet Jor the structJre WKSI . <br />Roof Injonnation: <br />l. Is the roofing rype lighrweighr (Yes = composirion, Iighrweighr masonry metal. erc ..)Yes <br />3. Provide method and rype of weatherproohng roof penerrarions (e.9. flashing. caulk)Flashing <br />M ounting Syst ern Infonnat ion : <br />l. Is the mounting srructure an <br />benearh the module frames? <br />e neered product desi gned to mount PV modules with no more rhan an I8" gap <br />Yes No <br />IJ No, prwide detaik of structural attachmmt certiled by a design proJessional. <br />2. For manufacrured mounting sysrems, hll out information on the mounting sysrem below <br />a. Mounting Sysrem Manufacturer SWH product Name and 1,t4o6"1x Solar Mount <br />b. Toral Weight of PV Modules and Rails 't478.40 bs <br />c. Total Number of Attachment Poinrs 66 <br />d. Weight per Attachmenr Poinr (b + c) <br />22.40 <br />bs (if greater than 45 lbs. see WKSI ) <br />e. Maximum spacing Berween Atachment Points on a Rail 72 inches (see producr manual for <br />maximum spacing allowed based on maximum design <br />563.77 <br />wind speed) <br />f. Tolal Surface Area of Pv Modules (square feet) <br />g. Distribured Weighr of PV Module on Roof (b + f)2.62 lbs/fF <br />Il dis*ibuted weight of the PV system is geater than 5 lbsttr, see WKSI . <br />Step 2: Electrical Review o[ PV System (Calculations for Electrical Diagram) <br />In order for a PV system to be considered for an expedited permit pmcess, the following must apply: <br />l. PV modules, urilily-inreractive inverters, and combiner boxes are idenrihed for use in PV systems. <br />2. The PV array is composed of 4 series strings or less per invener <br />5. The roral inverter capacity has a continuous ac power output 13,440 Watts or less <br />4. The ac interconnecrion poinr is on the load side of service disconnecring means (690.64(8)). <br />5. one of the sandard elecrrical diagrams (E I . I . E L I a, E I . I b, or E ]. I c) can be used ro accurarely represent rhe pV <br />system. Interactive PDF diagrams are available al <br />Fill out the stondard electrical diagram completely. A guide to the electical diagram is prottided. to help the applicant <br />understand each bllnk to lll in. Il the electrical system is morc complex than the standard electrical diagran can efJectiveb, <br />communicate, provide an alterfiative diagram with awropriate detail. <br />2 rxpEDrrED PERMIT pRocEss FoR pv SysrEMs - MrcRo-INVERTER <br />IJ No, submit completed worlrsheetJot rooJ structure WKSI (No = heavy masonry, slate, etc.. .). <br />2 Does rhe roof have a single roof coveringz Elyes Effo <br />IJ No, submit completed worksheetlor rcoJ structure WKSI .