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SCOPE OF WORK / SYSTEM SUMMARY <br />DC Systom Sizs: (N6w) kW Roof Mountsd PV Sy3t6m <br />(Erbting) 5.60 kW Roof Mouhtod PV Systom <br />Main Servico Panol Rating: (Enshg) 125 A <br />AC Disconnsct (Now) NEMA 3R G0 A Rst6d <br />Fr' Model #: O?) (Now) Hwndai HIS-S2gORG <br />lnvortor Model #: Oa (Ne\,v) Enph636 M2g)-72-2LL-S2x (240V) <br />Rail Modol: Solar War€hous6 Standad Rails <br />Mounting: Solar Wa16houso <br />R@F SUMXARY <br />Modulss on Root q? <br />Structuro Typo: SFR <br />Roof Typo: Shlngl! <br />Azimuth: ??q' <br />Roof Tilt 7 <br />Numbor of roofs usod: 2 <br />Numbar ol Sto,rios: 1 story <br />Root Framing: I-.1! D.F. #2 I!&E @ !q O.C. <br />Penolration spscing: 64' max <br />PV Area: 503.7, sq. n. <br />Modulo Long[h: 64.57' <br />Modulo Wdth: 39.29 ' <br />Modul6 W6ight 4'1.20 lbs <br />MoiJntng ha.dware w6itht= 180 lbs <br />Total woight on rcot <br />[(41.201bs)x€A]+160='1478.40 rbs <br />1476.40|bd 563.77 sq. fl.= 2.C2 lb. p.r.q. tt <br />147E.40 lbs/ 66 attachm6nts = 22./O lbr.tlrchm.nt (12) NEW UL LTSTEO PV <br />AT 270. AZIMUTH. MOUNTEO AT I <br />PARALLEL TO ROOF SURFACE <br />(e)PV MOOULES <br />o <br />3 <br />f*l +I <br />LEGEND <br />ElEMain Elsctrical Sodico Pan6l <br />f,AOAC Disconnocl <br />IIIMlnvoator <br />EmSub PaneuEloc,trical Load Conter <br />GECornbiner BorPan€lboard <br />Ef,OPan€lboard For Solar Only <br />TEI Solar Equipmont <br />(11)NG PV MOOULES, <br />) <br />) <br />))J J <br />,,]-JJ J))1 ) <br />-.tJ_..1J J)t)) J)))))L <br />LLLLLLLLLL ))JJ)) <br />_) -) ))l)l ] l <br />LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL <br />LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ))-J)-)),))))))))) <br />)-1)) J)))J J <br />LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL _) ))) ) <br />_) J)) J) J)))LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I-l )) <br />I l -l ]IlJ))) <br />PV.O2 <br />Roof Plan <br />i/o i <br />5t <br />*'ii1 <br />I <br />: <br />dcg <br />EEilaIm <br />SiEISEs) <br />E <br />I <br />o <br />o)3E <br />foa <br />!tl IIH <br />t+-l <br />-t <br />I <br />l-ll ttl <br />tt\t-1. <br />I <br />tl <br />) <br />\)