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ELECTRICAL.INSPECTOR RECORD <br />APPROVALS DATE ID/SIG.COMMENTS OWNf, R AUILDER DELCARATION <br />I amnn uodcr p.nalry o l Dcrjury tha! I d n m lh. Coftacros Lictrc Law to. lhe folloviig rte; (S< ?O3 l .t <br />Businds and ltoa*sion Cod.): An, Cn, or County $hi.h r.qun6 a p6,ril lo rcnslruci alro. inprov., dcnolisn o. ,.per dy' <br />srructuc piorlo its nsudcc, a l$ r.qu ir€s t hE applicet lo r r! ch p.nnn to fi l. a siSn€d sl al.nral lhar he o r sn€ is lic.nscd pGudt <br />ro lh€ pmviiions of$€ Contractois l.iccn*d Irw lchaprd 9. Com cncing wilh Salion 7000 olDivisio,I ofrh. Busin.s dor <br />ProrNions Codc) or ihar h. or 3h. i5 .r.mpl lt6.fron 6d lh. b.sir lor lh. allcscd cxdFion. Any violarion of sdion ?011.5 by e! <br />applican( for a psmir subjcts the spplican to a cilil p.Mhy oa noi mor. lhm fiv. hundr.d doll6 ($500) <br />l. as own6 olrhe prcp€ny, olny cd!lo)6 $irh {a!6 s rfi.t $1. onDosrion, q'ill do rh. s!* ed lnc sru.rm n nor <br />iibde{t or ollGcd aor elc (Se.7o&, ausins ed Pbl6io6 Codq Thc Contradois Li.@ ta* dod not aPPly ro m omE oa <br />the prcp.rly *ho hoilds or inprer6 rha6( dd who doe tu.h mlk hins.lfor hosclfor lhough hi! or hd own.mploye6, <br />piolid.d rhar such iDFovmrse mt idqd.d oroncdl ror Bla lf, how*d, rh. toilding or inpnvmol issldwnhuonc}! <br />olcompkion, rh. Oado Buildc will h.!c lh. hrd6 olFovins thal he or slE did ml hild or inpror. 6. p@pct, for th. purpoE oa <br />1.6 ow.sollhePlop€n}. on cxcluirclycontradi.g $irh licmcd.onk.clo6 to coNldd lhc Eojc.l (S( 704'1, 86,06 <br />md PltrfBirn Codc: 1 hc Co raclois t.rcense Lau' do6 n l atply to d owncr o aPropdly sho builds or inprolcs lh6on, <br />and who @nr6.1s lor such prejcds snh a Coihc'o(s) li.sed prBumr to lheConldlor's Licm. llsJ <br />I m cxmpl ud6 s(tion . a. & P.C. for lhis r.6on <br />roatiE&t:coME!14]!ol <br />D.Ectdaauar <br />I hereby amnn unde pdnhyolpdjtryon.oithc lollowilu d(laralions <br />I h,!. md will naintain a Cslificat. of CoMl ro Sclllccc for wort6 compc.s.lion. s providtd ror by S..lion 3700 oflh. <br />Labor Code for rhc p6fomdc. otuhc wort for wtich thc pmir n isu.d. <br />1l har. aid will mamrM sort6 compqsdrn rEurmc. * rcquir.d by Sdion l?00 olllE LaborC.d€.lort& Ffolfuc. of <br />rh. !.r[ r.r * rhiqmm,ir is iaq,.d Mv*ortd <br />,*", /.'/{""J 4*L cornrEnsrio. idsurd.. .eid md policy au,nber ee <br />z_ <br />I c.niry that in lhc psiomaocc ofrhc worl lor which $is p6mn is issr€d, , shall not mDloy aoy p@n in any m6no <br />s d to be.oo. subjd lo thc wort6' conpd.tion laM oI califomia, ad ar@ thal if I should baome subjdl to thc <br />wortN' ompmsalion prcviiions oI Sdion 3700 ol$c Labor Cclc. LEll. fonhwitn comply wilh tho* pov$ions . <br />WARNINCT Fdlurc lo GUc m 6' omp€srion cov@sc 6 @lawtul. Md shall subjel oploys lo dtlin l FElris &d <br />.ivil fine up lo orc hun&ed rhousd douffi (5100,000), i6 addnion lo th. con of comp.Nlion, datug6 6 provid<i for {h. <br />S(tion 1076 ofth. ljbor Code inrd6lodarromey sfd. <br /></7 bo <br />I omm undd p..ah, oa psju' ," lhal I d uod( povision of chapta 9 (om6cins *ilh Selion 7000) oi Divlion l <br />ol fi. Busins and Polsr6 Code. dd my li.eM $ io flll aorcc di .i[al <br />q <br />""", 2/5/2. .^,^"* <br />I nftb) aftm undo Fna]lyofFjurythd tha. is a onslrucrion k in! agocy for th.pdfom ccoflhcwo.k aor *iich lhis p6mi is <br />issued (Se 1097. Civ. C.). <br />AELTCANT.AECIdBAIIO! <br />t fi&Sry allEn und6 poalty of !.rju.y one of th. followins delmlioNl <br />Danolirion Pdnrits-Asb6los Notilicat ion Fedtral Rcsuhtions (Til. 40, Pan6) <br />Rcqut€d L.rlqof Nolifi carion <br />I cdiry that lhc f.d6.l rgdatioB E!&di,8 sbdros rmolsl u€ ml applicabL lo rhb prcjd. <br />]a,.*'o ,*, ,have lhis applralion a.d state thal th. ahove i.lomation is corcc,l. I ssr€ lo coBply *nh tll Cny and Counly <br />ion. dd n.rcby .urhoriz. r.Eemtarive o I this Cilydd Counly ro upon rhc <br />a bov. rc.r io n.d prop€ny lor insF.l io n <br />,\pDliclnl or Si*mture <br />/h, <br />Z6 <br />Site-Work <br />Underground <br />Pole Bases <br />Liqht Standards <br />Spas, Pool, Fountains <br />Signs (monument) <br />Life Safety /Low Voltage <br />Fire Alarm / Dampers <br />Building <br />Under Slab / Floor <br />Bondinq / Groundinq / UFER Ll>8 -2O >fM a1*rz7 <br />Transformers \r <br />Torqueing <br />Sub-Panels <br />Air Conditioners <br />Roof Top Equipment z '7*zb \*rtt iL.vy- / <br />Factory Wired Unit lr <br />Walls (Conduit) <br />Walls (Rough) <br />Ceilings (Hard & Soffit Rouqh <br />Ceilinqs (T-Bar Rouoh) <br />Meter Release w -D(Frvtt y*7-7 <br />lr <br />Rouqh <br />Service lvleter I .t <br />FINAL .o, ->rl \Ma,E 9'7 <br />Notes, Remarks, <br />Rev. 08-07-2015 <br />Communications Cable <br />.L 75 <br />1lLrce6etldj: l <br />Permne nrmc (0rlnO: