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Planning & Building Agency <br />Building Safety Division <br />20 Civic Center Plaza TENANT IMPROVEMENTPI. IN\N; P.O. Box 1988 (M-19)killl[DN (714) 647-5800Santa Ana, CA 92702 PLAN CHECK COMMENTS <br />.#GIl:(¥ <br />A <br />C[IV OF SANTA <br />PLAN CHECK NO: <br />PROJECT ADDRESS: <br />PLAN CHECK ENGINEER: <br />10180721 <br />1500 S Auto Mall Dr <br />Ahangian, Kathy TEL: 714 647-5812 <br />FAX: 714 647-5897 <br />TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: <br />OCCUPANCY CLASSIFICATION(S): <br />PLAN CHECK DATES: <br />2/24/2014APPLICATION <br />3/12/2014INITIAL REVIEW <br />8/23/2014EXPIRATION <br />1 <br />RECHECKS: <br />V B, SPK <br />B, S-1, S-2 <br />REMARKS/RECHECK ITEMS: <br />PROJECT APPLICANT CONTACT PERSON: <br />2. <br />3. <br />VALUATION:$10.00 <br />Richard Rice <br />(626)335-2887TEL: <br />(626)335-1197FAX: <br /> <br />FLOOD ZONE: X-0602320277J <br />APPLICABLE CODE: 2010 CALIFORNIA BUILDING CODE (CBC) WITH <br />CITY OF SANTA ANA AMENDMENTS <br />1. All items noted on this plan check report must be addressed. If you feel that an item is not applicable <br />to your project, note "N/A' and discuss the reason with the plan checker. <br />2. Please indicate the sheet number and detail to the right of each correction, or note the number on the <br />plans where the correction is made. Resubmit marked original, calculations and this correction sheet. A <br />separate sheet for response may be used. <br />3. Resubmit 2 corrected sets of plans. <br />4. Meetings between the project applicanUdesigner and the plan reviewer shall be by appointment only. <br />Please call (714) 647-5812 for an appointment.--S --- <br />5. Please return marked up set of drawings with corrections.