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Subflashing Waterproofing Method: Three-Course QBase Universal Tile Mount I QMUTM <br />Installation Tools Required: gloves, hammer, brush, roofing nails, roofing cement, trowel, roll of reinforcing fabric, sealantcompatible <br />with roofing material <br />Additional Dimensions <br />1il -THIS EDGE TOWARDS ROOF RIDGE <br />Post 01.25 <br />11 50 <br />2.50 <br />1800 <br />. <br />04.00 - <br />4X 0.32 THRU (CLEARANCE _ <br />FOR 5/16" HARDWARE) <br />Gather materials needed.Clean away dust and debris around QBase.Apply a bead of sealant in the shape of an upside <br />down U on the backsideof the subflashing. <br />- 9.00 - <br />0 <br />-THIS EDC[ TOWARDS ROOr RIDGE i <br />E-- L14 <br />1/-17 1 <br />Install the subflashing over the post making sure <br />the edge closest to the cone is on the downhill <br />side. <br />While cement is still wet apply 3 pieces of rein- <br />forcing fabric strips where felt paper and flashing <br />meet - a 14" strip along the top, and a 10" strip <br />along each side. <br />1l <br />#0 <br />7,1010.00 - <br />1.50 <br />QUICKWU <br />3.45 .50 <br />Fasten the subflashing into place with two roofing <br />nails, one in each top corner. <br />Afterfirst layerof cement is dry apply second layer <br />over reinforcing fabric to finish waterproofing of <br />subflashing. <br />Apply 1/8" thick layer of roofing cementaround the <br />top and sides of the subflashing with at least 1" ex- <br />tending past the sides of the fiashing onto the felt. <br />Layer should be about the thickness of a nickel. <br />. <br />----- <br />i <br />You are now ready to proceed-with your <br />top tile flashing installation·(steps'7-8 on,7 <br />page 2). <br />Digital installation instructions are also <br />available at our website: <br /> <br />downloads.html <br />For more information on tile roofing best <br />FprGctices and code compliance visit the <br />L Tile Roof Institute's website: <br /> <br />i <br />It <br />TOP FLASHING (ITEM 5)L.03 9.0( <br />1 - 4.50 - <br />• 9.00 - <br />1 <br />1.81 <br />·02 - <br />QBASE SUB FLASHING (ITEM 4) <br />PROnIETAIT AND CON I ID[NTIAL <br />IHE ,!FOPM A HO N C ol n AINED 1,1 i l e; DRAWING I THE SOLE PRO PERTY OF QUICK MO UNT PV. ANY REPRODUCION IN PART OR AS DO NOT SCALE DRAWINGA WHOLE WIIHOU, 1,€ WRITIEN PERMISSION OF QUIC, Mour.1 PV 6 PROHIBI,ED. <br />5 4 3 <br />QBASE (ITEM 2) AND POST (ITEM 7) <br />Quick Mount Py <br />TITLE: <br />QMUTM: QBASE UNIVERSAL TILE i <br />MOUNT <br />UNODYAEBW -AU 1 DAWN BY: - RAD [ t ]i SIZE <br />TOLERANCE5: <br />· r, . DATE:10/1/2013 ,FRACTIONAL: 1/8 ,1TWO PLACE DECIMAL z.18 -1 - 1 , <br />THREE PLACE DECIMAL z.125 ISCALE: 1:8 1 WEIGHT: 2.26 SHEET 2 OF 2 | <br />- 1- T 1/ . <br />2 1 <br />Quick Mount Py <br />Bl 7.2.3-4 Oct-2013, Rev 6 Bl 7.2.3-4 <br />925-478-8269 • • <br />Oct-2013, Rev 62700 Mitchell Dr., Bldg 2 • Walnut Creek, CA 94598 <br />©2013 by Quick Mount PV. All rights reserved. <br />.I\__LA-_Tr - iMe- <br />3 ot 4 4 of 4