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Clerk of the Council conducted roll call. All were present. Mayor Sarmiento joined the <br />meeting at 5: 40 p.m. <br />No public comments on Closed Session items. <br />CLOSED SESSION ITEMS β€” The Brown Act permits legislative bodies to discuss certain <br />matters without members of the public present. The City Council finds, based on advice from <br />the City Attorney, that discussion in open session of the following matters will prejudice the <br />position of the City in existing and anticipated litigation: <br />1. CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - THREAT OF POTENTIAL LITIGATION <br />Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9(d)(2): <br />One Claim <br />a. Claim number 20-146573, Allstate Ins / Sevak Zargaryan <br />2. CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL- EXISTING LITIGATION- pursuant to <br />paragraph (1) of subdivision (d) of Section 54956.9 of the Government Code: <br />a. California Grocers Association v. City of Santa Ana, Orange County Superior Court <br />Case No. 30-2021-01189627-CU-MC-CXC <br />CLOSED SESSION REPORT β€”The City Attorney will report on any action(s) to be taken at <br />the Regular Open Session which will begin immediately following the Closed Session. <br />RECESS β€” City Council will recess to Closed Session for the purpose of conducting regular <br />City business. <br />MINUTES: Council recessed meeting to consider items listed on the Closed Session for <br />discussion at 5:12 p.m. Mayor Sarmiento joined the meeting at 5:40 p.m. <br />RECONVENE β€” City Council will reconvene to continue regular City business. <br />MINUTES: Mayor Sarmiento adjourned Closed Session meeting at 5:52 p.m. <br />City Council 2 4/6/2021 <br />