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Orozco, Norma <br /> From: Alex Lee <> <br /> Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:10 AM <br /> To: Gomez, Daisy; Carvalho, Sonia R.; eComment <br /> Subject: Re: FPPC Complaints filed Against Councilwoman Phan and Commissioner Ramos and <br /> Agenda Item 9 <br /> Attachments: Phan Complaint Addendum 12-16-2021.pdf <br /> The attached addendum was sent to the FPPC. <br /> We are working with legal council and intend to take action against the City of Santa Ana unless this issue is <br /> properly dealt with. <br /> Alex <br /> ------- Original Message ------- <br /> On Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 12:10 PM, Alex Lee <>wrote: <br /> Hello, <br /> I am writing on behalf of many concerned Santa Ana citizens. We feel that the HOO <br /> amendments put forward by Commissioner Ramos and Councilwoman Phan have been a <br /> coordinated effort to reward their political benefactors and that the votes taken by these two <br /> officials have been violations of State and City code. <br /> We call on the City Attorney, Mayor, and City Manager to cure this issue at once and to send the <br /> HOO back to the Planning Commission (as several Councilmembers requested) for a hearing of <br /> the new items raised by the conflicted members and a fair an impartial process without <br /> Commissioner Ramos or Councilwoman Phan involved. <br /> The referral to the FPPC is a referral and not a complaint yet. A sworn complaint will be filed if <br /> the Council votes on the item tonight. The violation has already occurred regardless of the vote <br /> tonight, however, Councilwoman Phan and the rest of the Council should not commit an <br /> additional violation by voting on this item this evening. <br /> Furthermore, the item is NOT appropriate for a second reading on the consent calendar because <br /> the item has changed so materially from the original item that a full presentation of the change <br /> MUST be presented before approval. <br /> Legal issues of this approval include but are not limited to: <br /> 1. Improper Vote at Planning Commission with a conflict of interest and a pre-written motion <br /> drafted by sources of income to Ramos. <br /> 2. Improper Vote at City Council with a conflict of interest and illegal conditions presented by <br /> Councilwoman Phan. <br /> 3. Improper Vote on second reading at City Council with the same conflict of interest, illegal <br /> conditions, and a improper placement of the item on consent calendar when the item had material <br /> additional amendments. <br /> i <br />