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SECTION 2. The City Council does hereby levy a tax for the <br />fiscal year beginning ~uly l, 1953 and ending ~une 30, 1954 for the <br />purpose of carrying on the various Departments, to pay the bonded in- <br />debtedness and interest, to pay the amounts due the State Employees' <br />Retirement System, to maintain the library, to operate the recreation <br />and parks program and to provide for the special recreation facilities <br />construction program authorized by the voters of the City by the adop- <br />tion of an initiative Ordinance at the Special Election held November <br />~, 1952 and fixes the rate thereof at $1.8300 on each $100.00 of <br />assessed value of all property within the City of Santa Ann and appor- <br />tions said amount among the various funds and purposes as follows, <br />to-wit: <br /> <br /> For the General Fund $1.2000 on each $100.00 of the taxable <br />property in said City; <br /> <br /> For the Library Fund $.1800 on each $100.00 of the taxable <br />property in said City; <br /> <br /> For the Retirement Fund $.0750 on each $100.00 of the taxable <br />property in said City; <br /> <br /> For the Recreation and Park Fund $.0900 on each $100.00 of the <br />taxable property in said City; <br /> <br /> That the bonded indebtedness and interest of the City for the <br />Santa Ann Municipal Improvemen~ Bond Fund authorized by the voters by <br />their ballots cast in the Special Municipal Bond Election held April <br />9, 1946 may be paid for the current fiscal year, the rate of $.1000 <br />on each $100.00 of the taxable property in said City is hereby fixed <br />but that said rate shall not apply to any portion of that property <br />in "Southeast Ssnta Ann" added to said City by annexation, which said <br />annexation was certified by the Secretary of State on August 22, 1956, <br />nor to any portion of that property in Southeast Santa Ana~designated <br />as "that portion of Orange County Waterworks District No. 6 lying and <br />being outside of the City of Santa Ann, California" and added to said <br />City by annexation which said annexation was <br /> <br />certified by the Secretary <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />