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the Planning Department as prepared by the City Manager, and shall <br /> after review prepare a written report indicating agreement or <br /> recommendations for changes therein. This report shall be returned <br /> to the City Manager prior to the 20th day of April and shall be <br /> included by him as a notation in his budget proposal to the City <br /> Council. <br /> <br /> "Section 2514. Duty of Planning Director. <br /> <br /> 'It shall be the duty of the Planning Director as chief <br />administrative officer of the Planning Department of the City to <br />make or cause to be made such investigations, studies, drawin~ <br />maps and reports and recommendations as requested by the Planning <br />Commission in the furtherance of their transactions. In addition, <br />the Planning Director shall report to the Planning Commission all <br />information and data available to him which can be of assistsnce <br />to the deliberations of the Commission and shall advise and re- <br />commend to the Commission on al~eohnical matters relating to <br />City Planning. <br /> <br />"Section 2515.1. Duty of City Administrative 0fficisls. <br />'It shall be the duty of all officials of the City of <br />Santa Aha to furnish to the Planning Commission within a reason- <br />able length of time any information available to such officials <br />as may be requested by the Commission and required by it for the <br />effective carrying out of its responsibilities. <br /> <br />"Section 2515. Submission of Capital Improvement Plans. <br />~0n or before the first day of March in each year each city <br />officer, department, office, board, commission or other city agency <br />whose functions include recommending, preparing plans for or con- <br />structing public capital improvements shall submit to the Planning <br />Director, as the agent for the Planning Commission, a list of <br />capital improvements proposed by such officer or agency for planning, <br />initiation or construction during the ensuing fiscal year. <br /> <br /> <br />