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ORDINANCE NO. NS-30 M~DiNG SANTA ANA I~UNICIPAL CODE <br /> BY ~.~!~DING E~TICLE IX THEREOF CRF~tTING C~NGES IN DIS- <br /> TRICT BOUNDARIES A~O BY AL~G S~ETS I~Ji~EP~D 23 and 2~ <br /> 0F T~ DISTRICTI~fG ~.~D~° TO SHOal T.~ RECLASSIFICATION A~D <br /> TO SiqO~f A BUiL0~TG SETBACK LI]~ AL0i~G T~ NORT~ SIDE OF <br /> FIFTE~TH STREET <br /> <br /> YfHEREAS, the Planning Commission of the City of Santa Aris has <br />given notice of public hearings as required by law in connection with <br />an application for change of District classification to cover the <br />property herein described and has duly held two public hearings upon <br />the question of such change and t~ereafter by Resolution No. 590 <br />recommended certain c~anges in District classification to the City <br />Council for adoption; and <br /> <br /> ~HE~S, the City Council gave due and regular notice of public <br />hearing and such public hearing has been regularly held ond t~e Coun~- <br />cil does now find that public necessity, convenience and general wel- <br />fare require the following amen~aents and changes in the present clas- <br />sification of the real property herein described and that the uses <br />under the proposed classifications will not be detr~Gental to surround- <br />ing property; <br /> <br /> N0~, T!.~E!~FORE, T~ CiTY C0~CiL OF Ti~E CITY OF S~TA ANA DOES <br />0RDAI~ AS FOLL07JS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That the real property lying in the City of S@nta <br />Aris, County Of Orange, btate of California and described as: <br /> <br /> PARCEL A: That portion of Lots G, F, E, D, C, B, A, l, 2, <br /> 3, 4, 5, and 6 as shown on a licensed surveyor's map filed in <br /> Book 3, Page 7 of Record of Ourvey in the Office of the County <br /> Recorder, 0range County, California, bounded ~Vesterly by the <br /> West line of said Lot G, bounded Southerly by the South line <br /> of said Lots, bounded Easterly by the East line of said Lot 6, <br /> and bounded Northerly by a straightlina which passes through <br /> the West line of said Lot G at a point 16~.G6 feet Southerly <br /> from the center line of Seventeenth Street, and through the East <br /> line of said Lot 6 at a point 16~.00 feet Southerly from the <br /> center line of Seventeenth Street, <br /> <br /> be reclassified from R-1 (Single Family Residence District) as follows: <br /> <br /> FIRST: That the following described parcels of Parcel A be <br /> reclassified to R-2 (Limited-i~1ultiple Residence District): <br /> <br /> Parcel l: The Easterly 6~ feet of the Westerly 704 feet <br /> of the Southerly 130 feet of Parcel A. <br /> <br /> <br />