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The Plannin~ Director or such other Olty Officer aa may be serving <br />in lieu thereof is hereby charged with the duty of maglng inves- <br />tigations and reports on the design and improvement of proposed <br />subdi?isions. Wheneve~ under the terms of this Chapte~ the Plan- <br /> <br />ning Commission of the 0ity of Santa Ann shall act as an Appsal <br />~oard from decisions rendered by the PlannLmg Director, said <br />Planning Commission shall be considered as the "AdvlsoryAgenoy" <br />referred to in the Subdivision Map Act and shall have the power <br />and duty to make investigations and furnish reports and recomm®nda- <br />tions to the City Council under the provisions of t~e Act. <br /> <br /> "SECTION 9312. Block. <br /> <br /> "Bloc~ shall mean an area of land within a subdivision which <br /> <br />area is entirely bounded by streets, highways or ways, except <br />alleys; or by streets, highways or ways, except alleys and the <br /> <br />ex~erior boundary or boundaries of the subdivision. <br /> "SECTION 9313. Key Lot. <br /> <br /> "Key lot shall mean a lot, the side line of which adjoins the <br /> <br />rear line of one or more adjoining iota. <br /> "SECTION 9315. Map Act. <br /> <br /> "Map Act shall mean the Subdivision Map Act of the State of <br />California. <br /> <br /> "SEOTION 9315.~ Alley. <br /> <br /> "Alley shall mean a public or private way for pedestrian or vehi- <br />cle use which affords only a secondary means of access to abutting <br />properties. <br /> <br /> "SECTION 9316. Walkway. .~, <br /> "Walkway shall mean a passage way intended for pedestrian use onlyJ <br /> "SEOTION 9317. Dead-smd Street. <br /> <br /> "Dead-en~ Street shall mean any etrset or way having only one out- <br /> <br />let for vehicular traffic. <br /> .SECTION 9318. Street. <br /> "Street shall mean a public or private way which provides for <br />abuttimg properties a primary mea~s of assess for vehicular amd <br />pedestrian traffic. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />