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ORDINANCE NO. NS-37 A~NDING cHAPtER 1, ARTICLE IX of <br />THE SANTA ANA-~CODE TO ESTABLISH "P" DISTRICT FOR <br />PAPerING AND PROFESSIONAL USE <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF TP~ CITY OF SA~NTAANADOES 0P~I~INASFOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That Sectiongt02 of Chapter 1 of Article IX of the <br />Santa Aha MUnicipal Code be and the same is hereby amended to read <br /> <br />as follows: <br /> <br /> "SECTION 9102. <br /> <br />Establishing Districts and Limiting the <br />Uses of Land Therein. <br /> <br /> -In order to classify, regulate, restrict and segregate <br /> the use of land and buildings, to regulate and restrict <br /> the height and bulk of buildings and to regulate the area <br /> of yards and other open spaces about buildings, several <br /> classes of districts beginning with the most restricted <br /> classification and progressing to the less restricted clas- <br /> sifications are established to be known as follows: <br /> <br /> P~t Single F~mily Residence District <br /> R-2 Limited Multiple Residence District <br /> R-3 MUltiple Family Residence District <br /> P Parking and Professional District <br /> C Local Commercial District <br /> C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District <br /> C-2 General Commercial District <br /> ~-l Manufacturing District <br /> ~-2 Industrial District <br /> which said several classes of districts ere hereby estab- <br /> <br /> lished, and which said classifications end districts are and <br /> shall be shown and designated as R-l, R-2, R-3, P, C, C-l, <br /> 0-2, M-l, and M-2 respectively on those certain Sheets or <br /> Sections numbered consecutively from Sheet or Section No. <br /> i of Districting Map of the City. <br /> <br /> SEOTION 2. That Chapter i of Article IX of the Santa Aha Muni- <br />cipal Code be and the same i~ hereby amended by the addition of new <br /> <br /> <br />