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ORDINANCE NO. NS-188 Ai,gENDING CHAPTER 4 OF ARTICLE VII <br />OF TX SANTA AMA ~UNICIPAL CODE REGARDING WATER SERVICE <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SAI~TA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS FOLL0¥VS: <br /> <br />SECTION 1. That Chapter 4 of Article VII of the Santa Ana Muni- <br /> <br />cipal Code is hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> <br />"Section 7400. Connection Charges. <br /> <br /> Applications to have water services installed shall be made to <br />the Department of Public Works. The City shall charge and collect <br />in advance for each tap and attachment made with its system of water <br />works as follows, to-v~t: For each 3~4 inch service in new subdi- <br />visions, complete, ~0.00; for each 3/4 inch service on paved <br />streets, complete, ~0.00; for each i inch service, complete, ~0 00. <br />For all larger sizes of service and all fire lines, actual costs of <br />labor, equipment, material, and overhead used for the service. <br /> <br />Section 74Ol. Rates to be Charged. <br /> <br /> The following rates and compensation are hereby fixed and es- <br />tablished as the bimonthly rates and compensation to be charged <br />and collected by the Finance Department for stand-by and for water <br />furnished within the City. <br /> <br /> A minimum charge shall be made as a base rate, stand-by or <br />readiness-to-serve charge for each size of service connection for <br />each period of two months, and all charges shall be billed at the <br />end of each two-month period, as follows: <br /> <br />Minimum Bimonthly Meter Rates <br /> <br />For each ~/8" or 3/4" service <br />For each 1" service <br />For each l-l/2" service . <br />For each 2" service <br />For each 3~ service <br />For each~" service . <br />For each " service . <br /> <br />$ 2.?0 <br /> <br /> .00 <br /> 12.00 <br /> 20.00 <br /> 0.00 <br /> .oo <br /> <br /> When the charge for the amount of water actually used exceeds <br />the foregoing minimums for a bimonthly period, the actual amounts <br />to be charged shall be computed and billed for each period of two <br />months as follows: <br /> <br />Bimonthly ~eter Rates <br /> <br />For the first 1,~00 cu. ft. or less at $0.18 per 100 cu. ft. <br />For the next 6,000 cu. ft. or less at ~0.16 per 100 cu. ft. <br />For the next 42,000 cu. ft. or less at ~0.1~ per 100 cu. ft. <br />For the next ~0,000 cu. ft. or less at ~0.10 per 100 cu. ft. <br />For all over 100,000 cu. ft. . at ~0.07 per 100 cu. ft. <br /> <br />Section 7402. Service Outside City. <br /> <br /> No service connections shall be made with the water system of <br />the City for the rendering of water service in any area not within <br />the City limits, and no service to any area within the City limits <br />shall supply water to any area outside of the City limits, even <br /> <br /> <br />