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ORDINANCE NO. NS-308 AMENDING SECTION 6391 THROUGH <br />6391.~ REGULATING PAWNBROKERS A~D SECONDHAND DEALERS <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />SECTION 1. That Sections 6391 through 6391.4, both inclusive, <br /> <br />of Part 9, Chapter 3, Article VI of the Santa Aha Municipal Code are <br /> <br />hereby amended to read as follows: <br /> <br /> "Section 6391. Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers. <br /> <br /> Every person buying, selling, le~ding money upon or other- <br />wise accepting in pawn, trading, bartering, or otherwise deal- <br />ing as a business in any secondhand or used items of personal <br />property within the City, shall keep a t~ue, complete and <br />accurate record of each such article so dealt with, which said <br />record shall contain the date and hour of the day when said <br />transaction was entered Into~ a description of the person from <br />whom said article was purchased or received in pawn, or to whom <br />said article was sold or otherwise dealt with, the true name and <br />address of said person so dealt with, as nearly as the same can <br />be ascertained, printed by the dealer and written in said person's <br />own handwriting, the number and State of issuance of the driver's <br />license held by such person, or, if none, such otheritems of <br />identification as may be available, the age, sex, weight, height, <br />race, hair and eye color of such person; the name, manufactur- <br />eries nam~.,~a~rel length, <br />serial number, description of o~namentation, engraving, initials, <br />identifying marks, damage marks, amount, or as many of said <br />items of tnfo~mation as can be ascertained and are applicable <br />to the particular article so dealt with; the pawnticket number, <br />amount loaned, paid or received for said article, and the name <br />of the dealer. Said record shall at all times during regular <br />business hours be open to inspection by any police officer of <br />the City. Any person buying, selling, accepting in pawn, or <br />otherwise lending money upon any secondhand article, or any new <br />article, except at wholesale or retail through regular trade <br />channels, who takes part in ten ~ or more such transactions <br />during any calendar year, shall be deemed to be dealing in such <br />articles as a business ~d shall comply with the requirements of <br />this Part 9 as they relate to such transactions. <br /> <br />"Section 6391.1. Same. Report to Police. <br /> <br /> Every person buying, selling, accepting in pawn, or other- <br />wise dealing with articles as set forth in Section 6391, who is <br />by said Section required to keep a record of each such trans- <br />action, shall furnish and deliver to the City Police Department, <br />on a blank form to be furnished by said Department, a true and <br />complete report of all of the information, and each of the items <br />required to be completed and taken from and about the person <br />with whom such dealing or transaction was had, and from and about <br />the item or article bought, sold, taken in pawn, or otherwise <br />dealt with. Such report shall be written in the English ls~guage <br />in a clear, legible manner, the name s~d address of the person so <br />dealt with shall be printed with care by said dealer a~d written <br />on said report by said person so dealt with in his own handwriting, <br />and said report shall be delivered to the Police Department on <br />the day following the day in which the transaction took place. If <br />said reports are not each careI~ully written in a legible manner <br />the Police Department may deliver a letter signed by the Chief of <br />Police requiring such secondhand dealer or pawnbroker to fur~ish <br /> <br /> <br />