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such reports in typewritten form except for the signature, and <br />address, of the person deal lng with such secondhand dealer or <br />pawnbroker, and thereafter such reports shall be typewritten. <br /> <br />"Section 6391.2. Same. Police Investiga$1on Prior to License. <br /> <br /> No person shall hereafter enter or engage in business as a <br />pawnbroker or secondhand dealer who is required by Section 6391 <br />to keep records of his transactions without first applying to <br />the Police Department, before seeking a City business License <br />so to do, and furnishing said Department a copy of his finger- <br />prtnts,~ permitting them to make identification photographs, and <br />answering any questions regarding his prior business experience, <br />background, an~ any and all arrests for violation of any stat- <br />u~or ordinance. The Police Department shall inform such person <br />of the rules and regulations applicable to the operation of such <br />business, and shall inmnedtately check for any criminal record of <br />such person. No City business license sh~ i be issued until the <br />Police Department has in writing approved such issuance to the <br />Finance Office, or a period of 30 days has expired after such <br />person has so submitted himself and the required information to <br />the Police Department. Any business license issued'to engage <br />in business as a pawnbroker or Secondhand dealer may be revoked <br />by the City Council after l0 days notice to the holder thereof, <br />in writing, m~led to the address shown on the license record, <br />for any false statements made to~theLPolice Department prior to <br />application for such license, for any violation of, or failure to <br />comply with, any requirements in this Code, regarding said busi- <br />ness, or for any violation of State law in the operation of said <br />business. <br /> <br />"Section 6391.3. Same. Furnishing and Filing Reports. <br /> <br /> The Chief of Police shall cause blanks to be printed in such <br />form as he may direct, which form may be changed from time to <br />time when the supply on hmud indicates that a new printing is <br />necessary, and he shall deliver free of charge a supply of said <br />blanks to all persons holding a City business license as pawn- <br />broker, known dealers in secondhand goods and merchandise, and <br />to any other person known by him to be required by Section 6391 <br />to keep the record therein provided for. Additional supplies <br />of said blanks shall be furnished upon request of any such person~ <br /> <br /> The Chief of Police shall require that the reports furnished <br />as required by Section 6391.1 are examined by some member or <br />members of the Police Department and filed in a secure place in <br />the Department. Such blanks shall be open to inspection only <br />to the Police Department or, in their discretion, to police <br />officers of other departments where the same may be necessary <br />in regular police work, unless upon order from a Court duly made <br />for the purpose of ordering disclosure of information from said <br />file. <br /> <br />"Section 6391.4. Same. Inspection and Period of Holding Articles. <br /> <br /> Every pawnbroker or secondhand dealer who receives any article <br />by purchaser trade, barter or gift shall hold the same for Police <br />inspection for a period of not less than 21 days after he has <br />reported receiving said article to the Police Department, as re- <br />~ired by Section ~391.1, and shall not sell, lend or otherwise <br />transfer possession of said article to any person during said <br />period. <br /> <br /> Every article purchased, received in pawn, or othe~wise ac- <br />quired in any transaction which is required by Section 6391.1 <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />