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of said Tract Mo. 1346 to the southeast corner of Tract <br />No. 604 as shown on a map thereof recorded in Book 24, Page <br />19, Ntscellsneous Maps, Records of Orange County, California; <br />thence northerly along the East line of said Tract ~o. 8o4 <br />to the south line of Fairview Avenue (60.00 feet wide); thence <br />westerly~along said south line to the west line of Sullivan <br />Street (b0.O0 feet wide); thence southerly along said west <br />llne of Sullivan Street, said west line being the east line <br />of Sulliv~ and Fairvtew Northwest Annex, to the south line <br />of the north 800.00 feet of Section 22, Township ~ South, <br />Range l0 West, San Bernardino Base ~ d ~eridian; thence west- <br />erly along said south line, said line being the south line of <br />said Sullivan and Fairview Northwest Annex, to the southwest <br />corner of said Sulliva~ mud Fairvtew Northwest Annex; thence <br />northerly along the westerly line of said Sullivan and Fairview <br />Northwest Annex to the northwest corner thereof; thence easterly <br />along the northerly line of said ~ nex 86.10 feet to an angle <br />point in said City boundary; t hence ~ ong the following t~ <br />courses, (bearing based on Sul~ivau Street bearing due North): <br />North 414.66 feet; thence North 89° 48' 30" East 1,263.90 feet <br />to the center line of said Sullivan Street; thence North aiong <br />said center line of Sullivan Street and ~ong said City bound- <br />ary ~0.26 feet; thence West sblong said City boundary to the <br />westerly boundar~ of the R~cho S~tiago de S~ ta Aha; thence <br />northeasterly along said westerly boundary of said Rancho <br />Santiago de Santa Ana and aiong said City boundary to the <br />center line of First Street; thence westerly along said center <br />line of First Street to the easterly right of w~y line of the <br />former Newbert Protection District right of way for the channel <br />of the Santa Ana River and to an angle point in said City <br />boundary; thence departing from said City boundary southwest- <br />erly along said easterly right of way line of the former Newbert <br />Protection Diet, ct rlght of way for the channel of the Santa <br />Ana River to.the northwest corner of Croddyland Annex No. 1 <br />annexed to C~ty of Santa Ana by Ordinance NS-184 filed with <br />the County Recorder on June 28, 19~6, as instrument number <br />88686; thence easterly along the north line of Croddyland <br />Annex No. l, 2,703.86 feet; thence along the following courses; <br />(Bearing based on Old Newport Road bearing South l~° 0~' 40" <br />West): North 0° 30' 10" West 178.0~ feet; thence North l~° <br /> East 2,~l~.10 feet to a point on the arc of a curve <br />concave southwesterly having a radius of 9~0.00 feet, the <br />radial line through said point bearing North ll° ll' l~" East <br />said curve being on the southerly property line of Edinger <br />Street as described in Book 211~, page 392 of Official Records <br />of Orange County, C&lifornia; thence southeasterly along said <br />curve to its point of intersection with the southerly line of <br />Edinger Street as shown on a map of Tract No. 1024 recorded <br />in Book 3~, Page 33, Niscellaneous ~aps, Records of Orao~e <br />County, California; thence southeasterly and easterly along <br />said south line of Edinger Street as shown on said map of <br />Tract No. 1024 to a point on the arc of a curve concave north- <br />easterly having a radius of 1,030.00 feet, said curve being <br />on the southerly property line of Edinger Street as described <br />in Book 211~, Page 392 of Official Records; thence southeast- <br />erly along said curve to a tangent line which bears North 89° <br />30 O0 East;/~l ~ ~a~ ~n~nt ~n~ wh~ is parallel with <br />and 30.00 feet southerly, measured at right angles, from the <br />center line of Edtnger Street, ~64.99 feet to the West line <br />of ~aid Tract No. ~06; thence South l~° 16, ~0" West 1,299.?~ <br />feet along said west line of Tract No. ~06 t~ the Southwest <br />corner thereof and to the point of beginning, <br /> <br />for the purpose of submitting to said electors a proposition propos- <br /> <br />ing to annex said territory to the City of Santa Ana, California. <br /> <br /> <br />