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PART I - <br /> <br />~ .CTIOL 9210. Definitions. O~n~ral. <br /> <br /> The words and phrases, v~henever used in ~his Chapter, shall ce construed <br />as defined in %he follor~n8 Sections~ unless from the context a differ~n~ meaning <br />is intended or unless a different meanin8 is sp~cificallydefined and more par- <br />ticularly directed to the use of such ~ords or phrases. The ~ords used in the <br />present t~nse imcl~de the ~future tense, and ~ords in the singular n~mber include <br />the plural m~b~r. <br /> <br />$.~CTIOi' ~210.1~ f'.~':cessory ,~uildinq. <br /> <br /> A subordSr~a%.s buildin,~, the use of w~,.Lch is clearly incidental and second- <br />ary to that of t.,~ ~ain building, on the same lot or parcel of land, which is <br />used exclusively ~,y the occupant of the malt. building. <br /> <br />~CTIOM 9210.2. A3.1ey. <br /> <br /> Ar~ oublic or private thorou.lhfare for the use of oedestrians or vehicles, <br />not less than ten (10) feet nor more than thirty (30) feet in ~id[h, andwhich <br />affords curly a secondary me-~ns of access to a,hutting pronerties, <br /> <br />q'CTIO:7 9210.3. Aparbmsn%o <br /> <br /> One or mor~ rooms in an apartment house or d~.vellin% occupied or intended <br />or designed for occupancy by one (1) famJly for sleeping or living purposes and <br />containing one (1) kit~,¢~ .... <br /> <br />SECTION 9210.4, Apartment, Bachelor. <br /> <br /> One or more rooms in an apartment house or dwelling occupied or intended <br />or designed for occupancy by one (1) family fcraleeping or living purposes and <br />containing not more then one (1) kitchen and utility room, one (1) sleeping <br />room, one (1) bathroom and incidental closet space. <br /> <br />~ECTION 7210.5. Apartment House. <br /> <br /> A building other than a hotel or mot~l, designed for or used to house three <br />or more families, living independently of each other, including all necessary <br />employees of such families. <br /> <br />SECTION 9210.6. Auto Park or Market. <br /> <br />~* Open land area used for the storage and sale of complete and operative auto- <br />m~biles, new or used. . <br />S CTION 9210.7. Automobile House Trailer Camp Car. <br /> <br /> Any building or structure with or ~ithout motive power designed for living <br />purposes or the conduct of any business, profession, occupation, or trade, and <br />containing plumbing, heating, or electrical equipment and designed so that it is, <br />or may be, mounted on wheels for traveling on public thoroughfares. <br /> <br />SECTION 9210.8. Basement or Cellar. <br /> <br /> That portion of a building between floor and ceiling which is partly below <br />and partly above grade. <br /> <br />SECTION 9210.9. Boarding House. <br /> <br /> A building where lodging and meals are provided for compensation for not <br />less than three (3) and not more than ten (10) persons, but shall not include <br />rest homes or convalescent homes. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />