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the engineering studies and reports adopted by the Drainage <br />Element of the Master Plan~ the fees established for drainage <br />are fairly apportioned within the Local Drainage Areas on the <br />basis of need for said local drainage facilities created by <br />subdivision or other development of properties within said <br />Areas which will increase runoff by cOverage of absorption <br />area and by increase of demand for protection from storm <br />waters, and are fairly proportioned on the basis of benefits <br />conferred on the properties that may hereafter be subdivided <br />or otherwise developed within said Areas~ the fee as to any <br />property within any Local Drainage Area does not exceed the <br />pro rata share of the amount of the total estimated cost of <br />all facilities within the Local Drainage Area which would be <br />assessable on such property if such costs were apportioned <br />uniformly on a per acreage basis. Drainage facilities planned <br />are in addition to existing local drainage facilities serving <br />the areas at the time of the adoption of Sections 9378, 9378.1, <br />9378.2 and 9378.3. <br /> <br />SECTION 9378.1. Accountinq and Disbur.sement of Fees. <br /> <br /> Fees paid under the requirements of Section 9378.2 shall <br />be placed in a special fund to be known as "Planned Local <br />Drainage Facilities Fund" and shall carry an area designation. <br />A separate fund is hereby established and shall be maintained <br />for each Local Drainage Area and shall be established as an <br />accounting fund upon the receipt of the first fees paid for <br />each of said Local Drainage Areas. Moneys in each such fund <br />shall be expended solely for the construction, or reimburse- <br />ment for construction, of local drainage facilities within <br />the planned LOcal Drainage Area from which the fees comprising <br />the fund were collected. By special agreement with the City <br />Council, the City may accept rights of way or other considera- <br />tion necessary to the completion of the drainage facilities <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />