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ORDINANCE NO. NS-1200 <br />PAGE TWO <br /> <br />and character of, the City, with due regard <br />for the public and private interests involved. <br /> <br />Se <br /> <br />insuring that the public benefits derived from <br />expenditures of public funds for improvements <br />and beautification of streets and public facili- <br />ties shall be protected by exercise of reasonable <br />controls over the character and design of private <br />buildings, structures and open spaces. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-593.2. <br /> <br />Uses Permitted and Development Standards <br />"SD" Suffix. <br /> <br /> When the "SD" symbol is applied as a suffix in combina- <br />tion with the district symbol, the specific development regula- <br />tions are intended to apply only to those uses which are per- <br />mitted in the zoning district to which the suffix is combined. <br />In any case where the development standards of the specific <br />development plan differ from the regulations of the base zone <br />the specific development plan shall apply. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-593.3. Uses Permitted and Development Standards <br /> "SD" Individual District. <br /> <br /> Any use or development of property within an "SD" District <br />where the "SD" symbol is not c~mbined with another district <br />shall be in compliance with all applicable general plan provi- <br />sions and elements and any specific development standards and <br />regulations which have been adopted in conformance with sec- <br />tion 41-593.6 of this chapter. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-593.4. Submission of Development Plans; <br /> Architectural Review. <br /> <br />a) <br /> <br />Any application for a permit for a building or structure <br />in the SD District or any district combined with the SD <br />Suffix shall be accompanied or preceded by the filing <br />with the Planning Department of a specific development <br />plan, consisting of architectural drawings or sketches <br />and plot plans, all to a workable scale, showing the <br />elevation of the proposed building or structure, signs, <br />proposed landscaping or other treatment of grounds <br />around such building or structure, off-street parking <br />and other physical features such as trees, hydrants, <br />poles, and other such installations, and, in addition, <br />any other plans, drawings or information as may be deter- <br />mined by the Planning Department which in their opinion <br />is necessary to fully evaluate any requires for a build- <br />ing permit. <br /> <br />b) <br /> <br />Upon receipt of said specific development plan by the <br />Planning Department the same shall be referred to the <br />Planning Commission which shall consider said plans in <br />an endeavor to provide that such buildings or structures <br />and grounds be in keeping with the neighborhood and such <br />as not to be detrimental to the harmonious development <br />of the city or to impair the desirability of investment <br />or occupation in the neighborhood. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-593.5. Approval of Specific Development Plans <br /> <br /> No permit.~for a building or structure shall be issued <br />for any property subject to the provisions of this Division <br />until all plans, drawings and other information required under <br /> <br /> <br />