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Sec. 901. Appointments, removals, vacancies, terms. <br /> <br /> Except as otherwise specified in this charter, the <br /> <br />member of each of the appointive boards and commissions <br />shall be appointed, and may be removed, by the city council, <br />subject in both appointment and removal by the affirmative <br />votes of a majority of the members. Vacancies from whatever <br />cause arising shall be filled in the .same manner. Upon a <br />vacancy occurring leaving an unexpired portion of a term, <br />any appointment to fill such vacancy shall be for the <br />unexpired portion of such term. If a member of & board or <br />commission absents himself from three (3) regular meetings <br />of such board or commission, consecutively, unless by <br />permission of such board or commission expressed in its <br />official minutes, or is convicted of a crime involving moral <br />turpitude, or ceases to be a qualified elector of the city, <br />his office shall become vacant and shall'be so'declared by <br />the city council. <br /> <br /> Except as otherwise provided in this section, the <br />members of such boards and commissions shall serve for a <br />term of four (4) years and until their respective successors <br />are appointed and qualified, but in no event shall any <br />person be eligible for reappointment who has served two (2) <br />consecutive terms of four (4) years each. Unless otherwise <br />provided by ordinance of the city council for a board or <br />commission havin~ more or less than seven (7) members, the <br /> <br /> <br />