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directs that the Notice of Determination be prepared and filed with the County Clerk of the <br />County of Orange in the manner required by law. <br />Pursuant to Title XIV, California Code of Regulations ("CCR") § 735.5(c)(1), the City <br />Council has determined that, after considering the record as a whole, there is no evidence <br />that the proposed project will have the potential for any adverse effect on wildlife resources <br />or the ecological habitat upon which wildlife resources depend. The proposed project <br />exists in an urban environment characterized by paved concrete, roadways, surrounding <br />buildings and human activity. Therefore, pursuant to Fish and Game Code § 711.2 and <br />Title XIV, CCR § 735.5(a)(3), the payment of Fish and Game Department filing fees is not <br />required in conjunction with this project. <br />Section 3. Article X is added to Chapter 33 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code to <br />read in full as follows: <br />ARTICLE X <br />TELECOMMUNICATIONS FACILITIES IN <br />THE PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY <br />SECTIONS <br />33-230 Purpose and Intent <br />33-231 Definitions <br />33-232 Siting Preferences <br />33-233 Prohibited On Roadway of Public Street <br />33-234 Dangerous Condition or Obstruction <br />33-235 Permit Required <br />33-236 Application Required <br />33-237 Fee <br />33-238 Notice of Application Submittal <br />33-239 Permit Issuance <br />33-240 Appeal <br />33-241 Site Selection Guidelines and Criteria <br />33-242 Visual Impact Guidelines <br />33-243 Public Safety Guidelines <br />33-244 Maintenance Standards <br />33-245 Compliance with Applicable Law and Regulations <br />33-246 Nonexclusive Use of Public Right of Way <br />33-247 Director's Guidelines <br />33-248 Submittals <br />33-249 Indemnity and Insurance <br />33-250 Coordination with other Projects <br />33-251 Installation in Streets Subject to Future Improvement <br />33-252 Urban Forest <br />33-253 Permit Non-Compliance; No Waivers <br />Ordinance NS-2816 <br />Page 2 of 16