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]ss2/25/11 <br />33-254 Future Changes in the Law <br />Sec. 33-230. Purpose and Intent. <br />The City Council finds and determines that it is in the interest of the City of Santa Ana to <br />establish a process that balances the need for Santa Ana residents to access wireless <br />communications, the general welfare of Santa Ana residents, and the requirements of <br />state and federal law, to guide applicants for telecommunication facilities within or along <br />the public right of way. Accordingly, this article is adopted: <br />(1) To provide uniform standards for the community desired design, <br />placement, permitting and monitoring of telecommunication facilities consistent with <br />applicable state and federal requirements. <br />(2) To manage the public right of way as to the time, place, and manner in <br />which it is accessed. <br />(a) To minimize the environmental and aesthetic impacts of installations in <br />crowded public rights of way. <br />(b) To strongly encourage telecommunications facilities to be installed <br />only as ancillary uses at new and existing sites. <br />feasible. <br />(c) To require installation on arterial rather than local streets when <br />(3) To preserve view corridors, to discourage visual blight and clutter and to <br />encourage aesthetic placement of telecommunication facilities. <br />(4) To accommodate public and City use of the public right of way, so as to <br />permit maintenance of telecommunication facilities, and to minimize disruption to <br />vehicular traffic and pedestrian flow; and on-street parking. <br />(5) To minimize unnecessary disruption of the public right of way by <br />coordinating installations so as to effectively manage use of the public right of way. <br />(6) To ensure the structural integrity, reliability, performance, safety, quality, <br />ease of maintenance, and aesthetic integrity of the public right of way. <br />(7) To ensure that similarly situated public right of way users are treated in a <br />competitively neutral and non-discriminatory manner while complying <br />with applicable state and federal requirements. <br />(8) To ensure compliance with all federal, state, county, and local laws. <br />Ordinance NS-2816 <br />Page 3 of 16