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SECTION 2. Article I of Chapter 39 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby <br />repealed in its entirety. <br />SECTION 3. Article I of Chapter 39 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby <br />reenacted in its entirety as follows: <br />ARTICLE I. - IN GENERAL <br />Sec. 39-1. - Water and sewer service outside city limit. <br />Except as provided by this chapter, no water or sewer service shall be made with <br />the water or the sewer systems of the city for the rendering of service in any area not <br />within the city limits, and no service to any area within the city limits shall provide water <br />or sewer service to any area outside of the city limits, even though such areas outside <br />the city limits may stand of record as owned by the same person or persons receiving <br />water or sewer service on adjacent land within the city limits. The record owner of any <br />parcel of land adjacent to the city's boundaries who desires to obtain water or sewer <br />service shall make a request to the director of public works for such service and agree <br />to execute with the city a legally binding agreement or contract in compliance with all <br />conditions of water and sewer service in this chapter, California Government Code <br />section 56133, and the rules of the Orange County Local Agency Formation <br />Commission. Parcels adjacent to the city's boundaries that are being served by the city <br />water or sewer systems at the time of adoption of this ordinance shall, by December 31, <br />2018, request and execute with the city a similarly compliant agreement for continued <br />service. Failure to complete a water or sewer service agreement may result in the <br />discontinuation of the sewer or water service. <br />Sec. 39-2. - Water and sewer systems development impact fees <br />Development impact fee(s) shall be imposed on development project(s) that <br />require water and or sewer facilities necessary to accommodate growth resulting from <br />the development(s). Development impact fee(s) may be established by ordinance or <br />resolution of the city council in compliance with California Government Code section <br />66000 et seq. <br />Sec. 39-3. - Water and sewer systems design standards. <br />(a) All water system distribution, storage, and treatment system components, <br />combined as one functional unit or system or individually, regardless of ownership and <br />location, that connect to the city's domestic water system, directly or indirectly, shall be <br />designed, constructed, and inspected in accordance with the Santa Ana Municipal <br />Code, the City of Santa Ana standard plans, the latest edition of the Standard <br />Specifications for Public Works Construction (Green Book), the American Water Works <br />Association Standards, and the California Waterworks Standards. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2921 <br />Page 2 of 57 <br />