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(b) All sewer mains, laterals, manholes, lift stations, and other sewer system <br />appurtenances, regardless of location and ownership, that connect to the city's sewer <br />collection system, directly or indirectly, shall be designed, constructed, and inspected in <br />accordance with the Santa Ana Municipal Code, the City of Santa Ana standard plans, <br />and the latest edition of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction <br />(Green Book). <br />Sec. 39-4. - Charges, fees, and deposits. <br />All charges, fees, and deposits in this chapter shall be adjusted from time to time <br />and established by the city council by resolution and as applicable shall be specified by <br />the city's miscellaneous fee schedule. <br />Sec. 39-5. - Private water and sewer lines. <br />(a) Water distribution lines and sewer collection lines constructed in private <br />streets or in local streets not meeting the design criteria established by the director of <br />public works shall be designated as private lines. It is the sole responsibility of the <br />owner to operate and maintain the private water distribution lines, including without <br />limitation all routine and emergency repairs, operation, and upkeep of all above ground <br />appurtenances and underground valves, fittings, pipes, and service connections up to <br />and including the meter curb stop. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to operate <br />and maintain the private sewer collection lines, including without limitation all routine <br />and emergency repairs, operation, and upkeep of sewer manholes and sewerage lift <br />pumps. <br />(b) The private line owner's responsibility starts at the property line of the <br />development served. Before construction, engineering plans for the construction of <br />private lines must be submitted to the Public Works Agency and the Planning and <br />Building Agency for review and approval in a manner consistent with the city's water <br />and sewer systems design standards as described in section 39-3. Private water lines <br />not constructed in conformance with these standards will be declared unapproved water <br />systems requiring a higher degree of protection against cross -connection. Looped water <br />lines must be protected against backflow at each connection to the city's public water <br />system. <br />(c) Any modifications to private lines and their appurtenances shall be <br />performed in accordance with the city's standard plans and the California Waterworks <br />Standards. This includes without limitation the renewal, addition, or removal of service <br />connections. All work must be permitted by the Public Works Agency and the Planning <br />and Building Agency. Private water lines with non -conforming modifications will be <br />declared unapproved water systems requiring a higher degree of protection against <br />cross -connection than a reduced pressure principle assembly. Upon completion of the <br />project, and prior to gaining occupancy permits to any of the units served with water and <br />Ordinance No. NS -2921 <br />Page 3 of 57 <br />