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(1) Owns, controls, manages, and/or leases a food vending vehicle; and/or <br />(2) Contracts with any person(s) to drive, operate, prepare food in, and/or <br />vend from, a food vending vehicle; and/or <br />(3) Drive, operate, vend and/or prepare food in or from a food vending <br />vehicle. <br />E. "Goods" or "merchandise" shall include items and products of every kind and <br />description, including all foods, produce, and beverage items. <br />F. "Park" shall be defined by Chapter 31 of this Code, as it may be amended <br />from time to time. <br />G. "School" shall mean any institution of learning for minors, whether public or <br />private, offering instruction in those courses of study required by the California <br />Education Code and maintained pursuant to standards set by the state board of <br />education. This definition includes a nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, <br />middle or junior high school, senior high school, or any special institution of education, <br />but it does not include either a vocational institution or a professional institution of higher <br />educations, including a community orjunior college, college, or university. <br />H. "Street' shall be defined by the California Vehicle Code, as that term may be <br />amended from time to time. <br />I. "Vend" or "vending" as used in this article means soliciting, displaying, <br />offering for sale for monetary or other consideration, or sale, of any goods or <br />merchandise to the public from a vehicle; offering produce, prepared food, prepackaged <br />food or nonfood sundries of any kind for sale from a food vending vehicle on a public or <br />private street, alley, highway or public place within the City of Santa Ana and includes <br />the movement or standing of a food vending vehicle for the purpose of searching for, <br />obtaining or soliciting retail sales of produce, prepared food, prepackaged food or <br />nonfood sundries. <br />J. "Restocking" means the transfer of food, goods or merchandise to a food <br />vending vehicle from any other person or vehicle and includes, but is not limited to, <br />loading and delivery of food, goods and merchandise. <br />Sec. 36-702. Operational Requirements. <br />A. No person shall own, control, operate, manage, lease, or contract with any <br />other person for the operation of a food vending vehicle in the City without a valid <br />business license issued, in addition to any other license or permit required under any <br />other chapter of this code, for each and every food vending vehicle. <br />B. All operators shall comply with the following regulations: <br />Ordinance No. NS -2924 <br />Page 3 of 7 <br />