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I . Each operator vending any produce or other food item shall comply <br />with all County of Orange Health Care Agency requirements for mobile food <br />facilities, as well as all required food handling permits. Each operator shall <br />possess and at all times display such permits in conspicuous view upon each <br />vending vehicle. <br />2. Each operator shall possess and at all times display in conspicuous <br />view upon each such vehicle a City business license. <br />3. Every food vending vehicle shall have the name, address, and <br />telephone number of the holder of the business license permanently affixed on <br />both the left and right sides of the vehicle. Such information shall be in letters and <br />numerals not less than four inches in height and shall be in contrast to the color <br />of the background upon which the letters are placed. <br />4. No additional lighting other than that required by the California <br />Vehicle Code may be installed or operated on a food vending vehicle. Any <br />signage or display for a food vending vehicle must comply with the generally <br />applicable sign regulations contained in Chapter 41 of the Code. <br />5. No operator of a food vending vehicle shall operate any sound <br />amplification systems or other sound making devices or music systems to <br />advertise, draw attention to, or announce the presence of any such vehicle <br />while such vehicle is moving, stopped, standing, or parked upon any public or <br />private street. <br />6. No owner or operator of a vending vehicle shall permit vending <br />within two hundred and fifty (250) feet from a school, park, community center or <br />public playground facility. <br />7. No owner or operator shall permit the vending vehicle to vend <br />within fifty (50) feet of a marked or unmarked crosswalk in an intersection. <br />8. No food vending vehicle shall be parked, stopped, or left standing <br />in any manner which blocks or impedes vehicular access to any driveway or <br />restricts the free movement of other vehicles upon any public or private street. <br />Vending shall only be permitted where the food vending vehicle has been <br />brought to a complete stop and parked adjacent to the curb in a lawful manner <br />9. Vending from a food vending vehicle while the vehicle is parked, <br />stopped, or standing on any public or private street, alley, or highway is permitted <br />only when that part of the food vending vehicle open to prospective customers is <br />on the side of the vehicle immediately next to the right side of the public or <br />private street, alley, or highway. Under no circumstances may vending occur <br />from the left side of a food vending vehicle. Notwithstanding the above <br />Ordinance No. NS -2924 <br />Page 4 of 7 <br />