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must immediately adopt new regulations to address the ongoing health and <br />safety concerns regarding unsanitary conditions, an infestation of insects and <br />rodents, and hazardous items that place employees, the general public and <br />individuals temporarily living in the Civic Center Area at risk of injury or disease. <br />Section 2. Section 10-551 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby amended <br />and new Sections 10-552, 10-553 and 10-554 are hereby added to read as follows: <br />ARTICLE X. CIVIC CENTER REGULATION <br />Sec. 10-551. — Storage of Property Prohibited in Civic Center <br />(a) Within the Civic Center, possession and/or use of the following items or <br />engagement in the following activities are prohibited: <br />(1) Placement of any item in a manner that impedes pedestrian access to/ <br />through the public walkways or general right-of-way. <br />(2) Placement or use of an upright structure or materials to form a wall or <br />barrier, but not including umbrellas, canopies, or other shade <br />structures so long as they do not create enclosed spaces on Civic <br />Center public property. <br />(3) Construction and landscaping materials including but not limited to, <br />lumber, pallets, plywood, paint, drywall, nails, screws, hammers, <br />screwdrivers, small hand tools, or cutting tools. <br />(4) Compressed gas containers, except for in -use medical purposes. <br />(5) Weapons. <br />(6) Generators, solar panels, or motorized vehicle batteries or accessories. <br />(7) Machinery, including but not limited to, power tools or construction <br />equipment. <br />(8) Amplifiers. <br />(9) Hazardous chemicals or materials. <br />(10) Barbecues or grills. <br />(11) Propane tanks. <br />(12) Gasoline or other similar combustible or flammable liquids, gases or <br />solid fuels. <br />(13) Shopping carts (See also S.A.M.C. Section 33-215). <br />(14) Furniture, including but not limited to, recliner chairs, mattresses, <br />sofas, coffee tables, desks, chests of drawers, and bookcases. <br />(15) Athletic equipment such as baseball bats, boxing apparatus, weights, <br />hockey sticks, golf clubs or similar items. <br />(16) Any structure or apparatus that can be described or used as an <br />outdoor shower. <br />(17) Any items used as temporary toilets for human waste. <br />(18) Storage of non-functioning bicycles or bicycle parts. <br />(19) Storage, dismantling and sorting of any discarded recyclable materials <br />such as newspapers, metals, cans, or bottles. <br />(20) Area rugs or carpets. <br />(21) Running or stringing any utility cord or line into, upon, or across the <br />Civic Center Area. <br />Ordinance No. NS -2926 <br />Page 3 of 6 <br />