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GEOTEGHNICAL I NTERNATIONAL <br />LAN & ASSOCIATES <br />Civil . Structure . Geotechnical . Topographic Sun el <br />l3ll9 Ilarbor Boulcrard. Gardcn Grove. ('n 92813 <br />Tel:(714) 414-9215. Fax: (714) 537 -7974.Email:[-an ham9 a-hotnra il.conr <br />Project no.: SA-0 1 -0 1 -20-03-SW <br />Permir No. I 0l I 02883 <br />lantary 26,2020 <br />Richard Osorio <br />(714) 760 - 8098 <br />Richar_20 I <br />c.o. Wendy <br />(714\747 -7244 <br />Subject Geotechnical Engineer's Certification Of Demolition And Backfilling Of <br />Pre-Exisling Swimming Pool For Abandoning Purpose Located at I 4l 8 <br />W. Elder Avenue. Santa Ana. Calilbmia 92704. <br />Dear Mr. Osorio: <br />In accordance with the requirements ol the City and per your request and authorization, <br />this certification has been prepared for the demolition and backfilling ollhe pre-existing <br />swimming pool located at the subject site. <br />We understand that creation of drainage holes along the bottom of the swimming pool <br />by puncturing/breaking-out the pool shell bottom has been approved by the City <br />inspector prior to backfilling the swimming pool. <br />2. Removal of the coping. bond beam. and upper portions ol the swimming pool shell <br />side walls has also been performed and approved by the City lnspector. <br />3. All utility lines serving the swimming pool including electric. gas. and water lines <br />were terminated/disconnected./removed and plugged,/capped in an approved manner. <br />and approved by the City Inspector. <br />4. Some concrete pieces of demolished pool shell side walls, coping and pond beam <br />were placed along the bottom of the swimming poo[.