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Project Address: 813 S Elliott Pl Bldg: Address Range Suiie Range <br />Zoning R'lAssessor's Parcel 188-'102-16 Lot 34 Block NA Tract 3656 Hrstoricr No <br />City nf Santa Ana 20 civic Center Plaza (M-19), Santa Ana, cA g27o2 Building <br />Permit Counter (714) 647-5E00 lnspection Requests: (7'14) 667-2738 lnspector Section (714) 647-5853 <br />Bst <br />57946 <br />Buildrng Use <br />Job Type <br />Nature of Work: <br />Existing Bldg & Use <br />Proposed Use <br />Single Family Dwelling <br />Patio Cover <br />Patio Cover <br />SFD Watt garage <br />Occupancy: <br />Constr Type <br />Code <br />Flood Zone <br /># of Stories <br />R.3, U <br />VB <br />cBc 2016 <br />x-0602320256J <br />1 <br />Patro <br />T l.Area <br />Yards Req'd: <br />Valuation: <br />398 <br />$7,760.00 <br />1st FL Area: <br />2nd FL Area: <br />Other Areas: <br />Garage Area: <br />Total: Eotch+: i1396 <br />lll'lrr.el t.TYHDescription of Work: New attached open patio with solid roof cover. Auth. filed <br />teli !Ot /21I <br />ronsoct ion iotol <br />Planning Conditions: <br />)e560 Allel lo n tron(io <br />Owner <br />Address <br />Phone <br />Tenant <br />Contractor <br />Address. <br />Engineer <br />Address <br />vanessa Amelia Miranda <br />813 S Elliott <br />Sanla Ana, CA 92704 <br />(714) 651-9383 <br />Owner-Builder <br />Phone <br />License # <br />Archilecl / <br />Oesiqner. <br />Address: <br />Phone: <br />License # <br />Plannrng Approval By <br />Plan Checked B <br />Permrt lssued By <br />NPDES lnsp Re <br />PWA lnsp Req'd <br />Planning lnsp Req'd <br />Landscaprng lnsp. Req'd <br />G erry <br />Teri <br />Date. 08/2612019 Misc. Receipt <br />Date: Misc. Receipt <br />Dale OBr26/20i9 Misc. Receipt <br />Subject to Freld: A So <br />No <br />No Account# <br />0 777600 2 <br />0 777500 2 <br />0a907007 <br />07776002 <br />0 77 76002 <br />07776002 <br />$167 16 <br />$ 166.53 <br />$1.01 <br />$1.00 <br />$22 95 <br />$57.20 <br />57607 <br />si 600 <br />240 00 <br />57672 <br />5 7600 <br />57607 <br />Permit Fee <br />SubJect to Freld <br />SMIP - Category 1 <br />Bldg Stds. Revolving <br />General Plan Update <br />lssuance <br />Nc) <br />No <br />Fire lnsp Req'd <br />Police lnsp. Req'd Total <br />No Flood Zone Cert. Req'd No <br />Evory perfitt tssued shall becohe tnvalld unlessthe work on lhe stle authofizecl by <br />such pemi B conlmenced w hn360 days aftor s $suance.or tl tho wo authonzed <br />on the s e by such perm E suspencled or abandoned fot a peflod of 360 days after <br />lhe tme lhe work ts commencecl <br />lnspector MID#: 2019-153933 <br />011 16002 51600 <br />01116002 5'1601 <br />01116002 51612 <br />01 1 16002 53600 <br />08901001 24000 <br />$22.9s <br />$224 36 <br />$1 00 <br />$166 53 <br />$1.01 <br />Fee Tolal <br />Pard to Datel <br />Balance Due <br />Permit #: {Ol <br />Pin #: <br />Unit <br />Phone: <br />Stale Lic #: <br />Lic Type. <br />Bus Lic #: <br />Workers' Compensation lnsurance: <br />Carrierl <br />Policy #: <br />Expires: <br />Generql. PIon llpddte Fee <br />rr1116t162- 51600000- <br />8u i Id ine <br />(11116(t02- 916I-i I Lt0r-r- <br />BIde Stds Revolv ine <br />r:rl l16r-102- 91612(100- <br />P/C Euild ins <br />irlI 16r10:i- 536(100(r(r- <br />SNIP <br />r:rg90l00l- 2{([]0U0t|- <br />Cosh <br />(:hon9e <br />l.[t <br />l5uU. tl <br />tt9,1 - 11. <br />s415.85 <br />$0.00 <br />$415.85