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Banuelos, Lynda <br />From: on behalf of The City of Santa Ana <br />< noreply@ nta-a > <br />Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 7:04 PM <br />To: !City Clerk <br />Subject: Webform submission from: Public Comment Form on Communities of Interest for <br />Redistricting <br />Submitted on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 18:59 <br />Submitted values are: <br />Please Choose Your Language Preference: <br />English <br />Name <br />Ginelle Hardy <br />Date <br />10/ 12/2021 <br />Email or phone number: <br /> <br />What is the name of the neighborhood where you reside? <br />Heninger Park <br />How do you describe your community to someone who hasn't visited? What streets/boundaries define <br />your community? <br />Heninger Park is a Historic Neighborhood with Specific District Zoning 40 (SD-40) and street boundaries are <br />First Street, S. Flower Street, S. Main Street, W. McFadden. Historic properties in Heninger Park are held <br />accountable to Heninger Park Architectural Design Guidelines in addition to Citywide Design Guidelines and <br />subject to a neighborhood review before permits can be pulled for proposed exterior changes, rehabilitation, <br />additions, etc. <br />What are the major culturaUrecreational/educationaUreligious institutions in your community? <br />Just on the other side, or across the street, from The Artist's Village in Downtown Santa Ana, Heninger Park is <br />known as Santa Ana's Craftsman Bungalow Neighborhood. A neighborhood of about 950 homes, several <br />churches and markets, restaurants and tennis courts. Location of Santa Ana High School, Heninger Elementary <br />School, Franklin Elementary School, Fire Station 975 and a Fire Museum. Heninger Park is the location of <br />several properties on the Santa Ana Register of Historic Properties including the historic Heninger House. <br />Beginning in 1907 Martin Heninger and his brother built up Heninger Park neighbors from what was once a <br />barley field. Martin and Mary Heninger lived in the Heninger House with their three daughters. Mrs. Heninger <br />had an electric car she parked on a concrete ribbon driveway, that can still be seen today, outside her kitchen <br />window. <br />Does your community have major geographical boundaries/features (freeways, parks, lakes, mountains)? <br />Heninger Park has NO parks, lakes or mountains and NO freeways! <br />