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ORDINANCE NO. NS-6 PRESCRIBING THE PROCEDURE FOR ESTAB- <br />LISHING SETBACK LINES IN THE CITY OF SANTA ANA <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES 0RDAINAS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> SECTION 1. That the Santa Aha Municipal Code be and the same <br />is hereby amended by adding Sections to be Numbered 9154 through <br />9158 both inclusive, to Part 2 of Chapter l, Article IX in words and <br />figures as follows: <br /> <br /> "SECTION 915~. Authority For Setback Lines. <br /> <br /> "Whenever the public peace, health, safety, comfort, conven- <br /> ience, interest or welfare may require, the City Council is <br /> authorized and empowered to determine the minimum distance back <br /> from the street line for the erection of buildimgs or struc- <br /> tures along any portion of any street, public way or place in <br /> the City and to order the establishment of a line to be known <br /> as a setback line, between which line and the street line no <br /> <br /> building or structure shall be erected or constructed. <br /> "SECTION 9155. Initiating Proceedings. Variances. <br /> "Proceedings to establish a setback line may be initiated by <br /> the City Council, the Planning Commission, or by a citizen's <br /> petition filed with the Planning Commission. In event proceed- <br /> ings are initiated by the City Council, a statement of the pro- <br /> posed setback line shall be referred to the Planning Commission <br /> and no Ordinance establishing setback line shall be adopted <br /> thereon nor on a citizen's petition until the recommendation of <br /> said Planning Commission has been filed with the City Council <br /> or a period of twenty days has elapsed from the time of such <br /> reference to or filing with said Commission. A variance may be <br /> granted from the requirement of any setback line established by <br /> the same procedure provided for the granting of other variances <br /> set forth in this Article. <br /> <br /> "SECTION 9156. Notice Required. <br /> <br /> "Before adopting an Ordinance establishing any setback li~e, <br /> <br /> <br />