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ORDINANCE NS - 1163 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />SANTA ANA AMENDING AND ADDING TO CHAPTER 8 OF THE <br />SANTA ANA MUNICIPAL CODE FOR THE PURPOSE OF ADOPTING <br />AN AMENDMENT TO THE 1970 EDITION OF THE UNIFORM <br />BUILDING CODE CONCERNING LIFE-SAFETY PROVISIONS FOR <br />HIGH RISE RESIDENTIAL AND OFFICE BUILDINGS <br /> <br /> THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SANTA ANA DOES ORDAIN <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> Section 1: The Santa Ana Municipal Code is hereby <br />amended by adding a section to be numbered Section 8-158, <br />which said section reads as follows: <br /> <br />Section 8-158. <br /> <br />Special Life-Safety Provisions <br />for High Rise Residential and <br />Office Buildings. <br /> <br />Chapter 17 of the Building Code is amended by adding <br />a section to be numbered Section 1715 to read as follows: <br /> <br />Section 1715. <br /> <br />Special Provisions For Group F, <br />Division 2 Office Buildings and <br />Group H Occupancies. <br /> <br /> (a.) Scope. The requirements herein apply to build- <br />ings housing Group F, Division 2 Occupancies used primarily <br />as offices and to Group H. Occupancies. <br /> <br /> Such buildings having floors used for human occupancy <br />located more than 75 feet above grade shall conform to the <br />requirements of this Section in addition to other applicable <br />requirements of this Code. <br /> <br /> (b.) Compartmentation. Compartmentation shall be <br />provided in every building to provide areas of refuge for <br />the building occupants. This may be provided by; <br /> <br />1. Horizontal exits dividing a story into two or more areas <br />of approximately the same size not exceeding 30,000 square <br />feet. <br /> <br />2. Subdividing the building into five story compartments <br />by interrupting the stairshaft with smoke barriers every <br />fifth floor or through the use of smokeproof enclosures for <br />all stairways or any other method which will protect against <br />the movement of smoke from one compartment to another. <br /> <br /> Openings in exterior walls, located vertically above <br />one another, shall be protected by approved flame barriers <br />extending 30 inches beyond the exterior wall in the plane <br />of the floor or by vertical panels not less than 3 feet <br />in height. <br /> <br />-1- <br /> <br /> <br />