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Orozco, Norma <br />From: <br />Josephine Baltazar <> <br />Sent: <br />Monday, March 15, 2021 3:49 PM <br />To: <br />eComment <br />Cc: <br />Phan, Thai; Penaloza, David; Lopez, Jessie; Bacerra, Phil; Mendoza, Nelida <br />Subject: <br />21-45843 item #34 council member cm <br />I have lived 11 years directly behind Chepas Park and besides the problems I have had when handball courts were still <br />up, I have never encountered any other problems. On a daily basis while courts were still up I had handballs hit over into <br />my backyard and guys trying to climb up on my wall to retrieve them. I had guys looking over into my yard at all hours of <br />the day trying to locate their handballs. When I would approach them to nicely ask for them not to climb my wall an <br />altercation always became of it. I also was very uncomfortable due to having 2 young daughters that were afraid to play <br />in our backyard due to guys always looking over or throwing things over to try and get their handballs down. I should <br />also mention the many times I had strangers ringing my doorbell asking for their handballs. The worst part of all was the <br />drug and alcohol use at the handball courts. I saw this on a daily basis personally. The smell of marijuana creeping over <br />into my yard. Parents were full of fear and not able to enjoy the park with their children due to this. A park is to be <br />enjoyed by the children in the neighborhood but instead we had illegal usage of our park and nothing was ever done <br />because of this. Now that handball courts are gone the problems are gone and now the sound of children are heard <br />enjoying the swings and slides just the way it should be. Please keep the handball courts out and bring in things for our <br />children to enjoy. <br />Sent from my iPhone <br />