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1. Housing Element (HE) Goal 2: Create diversity of quality housing, <br />affordability levels, and living experiences that accommodate Santa Ana's <br />residents and workforce of all household types, income levels, and age <br />groups to foster an inclusive community. <br />2. HE Policy 2.2: Create high intensity, mixed -use urban villages and <br />pedestrian -oriented experiences that support the mid- to high-rise office <br />centers, commercial activity, and cultural activities in the varied District <br />Centers. <br />3. HE Policy 4.4: Provide adequate rental and ownership housing <br />opportunities and supportive services. <br />4. Land Use (LU) Element Goal 1: Promote a balance of land uses to <br />address basic community needs. <br />5. LU Policy 1.2: Maintain and foster a variety of residential land uses in the <br />City. <br />6. LU Policy 4.3: Support land uses which provide community and regional <br />economic and service benefits. <br />7. LU Policy 4.4: Encourage the development of projects which promote the <br />City's image as a regional activity center. <br />8. LU Policy 5.5: Encourage development which is compatible with, and <br />supportive of surrounding land uses. <br />9. LU Policy 5.7: Anticipate that the intensity of new development will not <br />exceed available infrastructure capacity. <br />10.Land Use (LU) Element Goal 6: Reduce residential overcrowding to <br />promote public health and safety. <br />11.Urban Design (UD) Element Goal 1: Improve the physical appearance of <br />the City through development of districts that project a sense of place, <br />positive community image, and quality environment. <br />12.UD Policy 1.1: New development and redevelopment must have the <br />highest quality design, materials, finishes and construction. <br />B. The proposed project, as conditioned, conforms to all applicable requirements <br />of the zoning and subdivision codes as well as all other applicable City <br />ordinances, including the proposed MainPlace Mall Specific Plan. <br />Tentative Parcel Map No. 2018-01, as conditioned, will conform to all <br />applicable requirements of the zoning and subdivision codes as well as other <br />applicable City ordinances. The proposed project, as conditioned, conforms to <br />the provisions of Chapter 34 and 41 of the Santa Ana Municipal Code <br />including parking, setbacks and height. In addition, a Property Maintenance <br />Resolution No. 2019-041 <br />Page 3 of 9 <br />