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events or similar items to city officers or employees at their private residential <br />addresses, regardless of the source of those addresses. <br />(b) Any violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor. <br />Sec. 2-3. - Peace officer standards and training —Desire to participate. <br />The city declares that it desires to qualify to receive aid from the state under the <br />provisions of chapter 1 of title 4, part 4 of the California Penal Code. <br />Sec. 2-4. - Same —Adherence to standards. <br />Pursuant to section 13522 of said chapter 1, the city, while receiving aid from the <br />state pursuant to said chapter 1, will adhere to the standards for recruitment and <br />training established by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and <br />Training. <br />Sec. 2-5 - Corrections program standards and training. <br />While receiving any state aid pursuant to article 2 (commencing with section 6040) <br />of chapter 5 of title 7 of part III of the California Penal Code, the city will adhere to the <br />standards for selection and training established by the board of corrections. <br />Sec. 2-6. - Certain reserve police officers to have powers of regular police officer. <br />(a) All reserve police officers of the City of Santa Ana who have been issued a Peace <br />Officers Standards and Training Level I Reserve Officer Certificate prior to January <br />1, 1981, shall have the full powers of a peace officer, where the city manager, on <br />the recommendation of the chief of police, has determined such reserve officer <br />qualified to perform general law enforcement duties by reason of such reserve <br />officers' training and experience. <br />(b) This section retains in the chief of police the authority, control and command over <br />the reserve police force and permits the adoption of rules and regulations limiting or <br />designating the extent of authority of the various activities of the reserve officers. <br />Secs. 2-7 — 2-99. — Reserved. <br />wwwxxxwwwxxxxxwwwwxxxwwwwxxxxxxwwwwxxwxxxxxxwwwxwxxxxxxwwxxxxxxwwxxxxxxwwwxxxxxxwwxxxxxxxxwwwwwwxwxx <br />ARTICLE IV. - OFFICERS, DEPARTMENTS, BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS <br />DIVISION 1. - OFFICERS <br />Sec. 2-300. - City officers and department heads. <br />The following are officers of the City of Santa Ana: <br />(1) Members of the city council; <br />(2) City manager; <br />(3) City attorney; <br />Ordinance No. NS-2992 <br />Page 2 of 32 <br />