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the improvements or additions to be made to the <br />equipment for such revenue-producing utility shall <br />consist of works and facilities for the production, <br />storage, transmission and distribution of water, <br />including water storage reservoirs, water wells, <br />pumping and pressure regulating stations, water <br />transmission and distribution mains, capacity <br />rights in works and facilities to be used Jointly <br />with other public corporations, facilities of <br />existing water companies; and for the foregoing <br />appurtenances and appurtenant works, and including <br />the acquisition of all water rights, lands, ease- <br />ments, pipe, pumps, and other property necessary <br />therefor; the estimate of the cost of the foregoing <br />purpose being $6,950,000; the regulations and pro- <br />cedures for the sale and issuance of such bonds <br />to be as set forth in the Revenue Bond Law of 1941 <br />(Chapter 6, Part l, Division 2, Title 5 of the <br />Government Code of the State of California); and <br />the provision to be made from the revenue of suc~ <br />revenue-producing utility for the payment of <br />interest on, and retirement of, the bonds to be <br />that said bonds are secured by and are payable <br />from all of the revenues of said utility as now <br />or hereafter constituted, all as more particularly <br />set forth in said Revenue Bond Law of 1941. <br /> <br /> Section 3. That the estimated cost of such <br />acquisition and construction is $6,950,000. <br /> <br />That the maximum principal amount of the bonds proposed <br /> <br />to be issued is $ 6,950,000 That the maximum <br /> <br />rate of interest to be paid on said bonds shall not <br /> <br /> 2. <br /> <br /> <br />