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(1) Each parking space shall be a minimum size of <br /> nine (9) by twenty (20) feet. <br />(2) No mobile home site shall be further than two <br /> hundred (200) feet from guest parking. <br />(3) Parking areas shall be subject to the requirements <br /> specified in Sections 41-614 and 41-615 of this Code. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-806. Trash Collection Depo~s.~ <br /> Areas for trash disposal must be provided at convenient <br />locations throughout the park, generally within three hundred <br />(300) feet of each mobile home lot. Each trash site should <br />be screened on three sides by a six (6) foot opaque screen or <br />wall so as to be readily accessible but screened from public <br />view. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-807. Underground Utility Lines. <br /> utility lines, including, but not limited to, electric, <br />communications, street lighting, and cable television, shall <br />be placed underground. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-808. Open Space. <br /> A minimum of one hundred (100) <br />space, available to all residents, <br />mobile home site. <br /> <br />square feet of common open <br />shall be provided for each <br /> <br />Sec. 41-809. S~orage. <br /> <br /> An adequate common storage area for recreational vehicles <br />and boats, available to all residents, shall be provided for <br />each mobile home site. Storage area shall be screened from <br />view by a six (6) foot opaque screen or wall. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-810. Interior Streets and Circulation. <br /> <br /> A twenty-eight (28) foot minimum width in a pattern to <br />provide easy access and movement of passenger and trai~er <br />vehicles shall be provided. Generally, long cul-de-sacs, four- <br />way intersections, and other than 90° angle intersections <br />should be avoided. <br /> <br /> Streets shall be paved with two (2) inches of asphalt <br />concrete over four (4) inches of aggregate base material or <br />an equivalent. Streets shall have a crown in the center and <br />shall have concrete rolled curbs and gutters on both sides of <br />the street. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-811. Siqns. <br /> Two (2) single face or one (1) double face identification <br />signs (designating park name and address only), not exceeding <br />twenty (20) square feet in area for each face, may be maintained <br />at the main point of entry to the development. One (1) <br />additional twenty (20) square foot single face identification <br />sign (park name and address only) shall be permitted along any <br />other public street right of way upon which the park has <br />frontage, providing such street frontage exceeds three hundred <br />thirty (330) feet. <br /> <br />Sec. 41-812. Walls and Screens. <br /> <br /> A six (6) foot wall or screen shall surround the entire <br />mobile home park and shall consist of one or any combination <br />of the following types: <br /> <br />(a) Walls <br /> <br />A wall shall consist of concrete, stone, brick, <br />tile, or similar type of solid masonry material <br />with a minimum thickness of four (4) inches. <br /> <br />-2- <br /> <br /> <br />